Testimony Tuesday-Alcoholism

02.07.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[1]

It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd like to hear how the Lord has brought you, or your family, out of Alcoholism. Please call 1-888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below.

Also, Gary Short from Family Life's FOCUS Counseling stops by to talk about warning signs of addiction, how it affects families, and what you can do about it.


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on 02.07.12 Jesus Girl in PA commented

I grew up with an alcoholic father, who, fortunately was recovering by the time I came along. However, as a young adult after I had already moved out on my own, he began drinking again. He passed away at 65; to this day my sister has horrible memories of dealing with daddy when he was drunk. A brother has been in recovery for 20 years. I was on the path to becoming an alcoholic after a tragic experience, however, God used that experience as well as some loving friends to call me back to Him. I do need to say though that there are many types of addiction. Unfortunately, mine is now food. I have recently fully committed this to God having finally realized that I cannot overcome this in my own strength. I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength...AMEN! Thanks for listening and thanks for Family Life's ministry!