Repost: The Latest Facebook Hoax

11.28.18 | Sonny Delfyette |

I shared this back on October 8th, but it's making the rounds again. So... There's a pretty good chance you have received this inbox message on Facebook;

Actually, the message itself is the hoax, only spreading because well intentioned friends are sharing it. There have been Facebook hacks, and there are people attempting to "spoof" accounts (taking your profile picture and name), but again... this message is a hoax.

But! IF you still believe you’ve been hacked, CBS News shared these tips on 9/28/18;

* Go to the Privacy settings on your Facebook page, in the menu select Settings. A new menu will pop up. Choose Security and then 'Where You’re Logged In.' You will see a list of all of the devices that you’ve logged into and their locations. If there is a login you don’t recognize, chances are you MAY have been hacked. If you see ANYTHING that isn’t you, click End Activity on the right side of the log immediately to end the session. The hacker(s) will be logged out temporarily.
*** Then be sure to change your password!! Also, CBS says it's good practice to change your passwords on a regular basis.

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