"No Bully Tour"

10.04.12 | Sonny Delfyette |

Miss Teen USA, Logan West, and the elderly upstate New York school bus monitor who was brutally bullied by students earlier this year, are getting together.  West and Karen Klein will join forces to raise awareness during October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month.  West is also co-hosting a musical concert tour, the No Bully Tour, that will travel along the East Coast this month.

Time to recycle? A Pennsylvania man found a chunk of cold hard cash in his 75-year-old refrigerator this week -- or more specifically, cold hard Sears gift cards.  The "Pittsburgh Tribune-Review" reports Richard Linnert decided to recycle his 1937 Frigidaire on Tuesday through a program co-sponsored by Sears, Duquesne Light, and other electric utilities.  But rather than receive the basic 35-dollar gift card that everyone gets for participating, Linnert was awarded the grand prize of one-thousand-250-dollars for turning in "Pennsylvania's Oldest Refrigerator."  He says he didn't realize the appliance was so old, explaining that it came with the house when he bought it from his aunt in 1998.  Linnert says he intends to use his winnings to treat himself to a flat-screen TV and a new phone.

>>Just The Facts

Today in 1931, Chester Gould's comic strip, "Dick Tracy," debuted in "The Detroit Mirror."  Here are some more facts about the comic and its creator.

FACT:  Chester Gould wrote the "Dick Tracy" comic strip for more than 45 years.
FACT:  Chester Gould is a two-time recipient of the Reuben Award, earning the prize for the strip in 1959 and 1977.
FACT:  The Dick Tracy character has also appeared on TV and in feature films.
FACT:  The "Dick Tracy" comic strip was inspired by the violence in crime fighting in the 1930s.

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