National Men Make Dinner Day!

10.31.18 | Sonny Delfyette |

Okay fellas, we all can't be Family Life Chef Nick Finlayson, but we can try! It's time for us to show off our cooking skills because it's National Men Make Dinner Day.

The annual holiday was created for men who don't know how to cook very well or aren't as familiar with kitchen appliances. There are some rules for today. Whatever you cook, you have to include four ingredients that you buy yourself. You have to use at least one cooking utensil, like a spatula, stirring spoon or some tongs. You also have to do all of the clean-up on your own. It's officially November, so today is good practice for Thanksgiving.

Now, I attempted to make my wife and daughter chicken noodle soup when they were both under the weather a few years ago, but that went horribly wrong! LOL I apparently found an Asian recipe that called for Lemongrass (a hard straw-like grass) that you're supposed to pound flat to release the essence of lemon. Me? I chopped them up and cooked them with everything else. Not. Good. And they haven't let me forget it. So here's a Nick's Pick Recipe for his Apple Cider Pork-chops

Or you can try another of his delicious free recipes at

Bon Appetit!


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