Medical update on Cecil

12.23.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

CecilMedical update:  Believing God's promises takes a certain level of faith but it also frequently requires that we wait.  We see that in the Christmas story we celebrate at this time of year.  The people waited for so many years for Messiah to come and when he did, as a baby in a manger, very few recognized him.  But those who did knew their waiting had not been in vain.

That's where we're at as we begin this week of Christmas - waiting.  Thankfully, all the tests, including the most recent one on my kidney function, show good results.  I'm stable (well, physically - they're not sure about mentally) and we're moving in the right direction.  But there's moving and then there's moving.  Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart move at about 220 mph on a good track.  But you can also be moving even if you're creeping along, bumper-to-bumper on the 405.

Let me just say, this is much closer to the 405 than the back stretch at Talladega.  But that's ok.  I'm on God's timetable and my time is his time.  The call could come at any moment or it could be weeks or months away.  Still, I feel that I'm right where God wants me to be.  And no matter where you are, that's a good thing to know.

Again, Connie and I can't thank you enough for your prayers and the different ways you've expressed your concern and love during this time.  You all are a great blessing to us and words can't express our appreciation.  Have a Merry Christmas!    


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on 12.23.12 Jessica H. commented

We're all praying for you, Cecil! God is a wonderful worker of miracles. It's amazing how everything always works out for His glory. We only see the back of the quilter's threads and only small blocks. Someday, we'll get to see the right side of the quilt and the finished product and be able to say, "Wow. So that's why things happened the way they did!" Keep your head up and keep spreading the good news! God bless you!

on 12.23.12 Tami Dickerson commented

Although God may not be "early", He is NEVER late.Let me say that again: He is NEVER late. He knows His plan for you, even if neither you nor us know it. God's blessings be upon you, brother.

on 12.23.12 Kathy Dimmick commented

we miss your voice at FLN but know that you are exactly where God has decided you should be. Our prayer for you is that when the surgery does occur, you will heal quickly so you may be heard again. Merry Christmas to you both.