It's A Newsboys Tunesday!

10.09.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[4]


Today is a "Newsboys Tunesday!" where you can win their latest CD "God's Not Dead" and tickets to their Johnson City, NY show on Friday October, 26th. Plus, one winner will be upgraded to the VIP Experience: Exclusive Autograph Session, Exclusive Acoustic Performance, a chance to ask questions of the band, and More... Listen and prepare to call 1-888-413-4156.

>>Survey Says

Job Seekers Using Facebook To Find Jobs

Apart from its friend-finding usefulness, Facebook is also becoming a go-to site for job seekers.  According to a survey by Jobvite, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are proving that connections matter when it comes to finding work, and these platforms help users to stay connected.  One out of five Facebook users say they have shared a job with a contact on Facebook while 19 percent of LinkedIn's users have shared a job with a contact.  Just eleven percent of Twitter's users say the same.  The number of job seekers using social media to find jobs is actually up from last year's Jobvite survey.  

Jobvite's president says the new survey shows that social media has become a critical tool for job seekers and employers and that maintaining a professional online presence is important for career growth.

>>Just The Facts

Today in 1855, the sewing machine motor was patented by Isaac Singer.  Here are some more facts about Isaac Singer and his company.

FACT:  Isaac Singer received his first patent for a machine to drill rock.
FACT:  Isaac Singer was a co-founder of I. M. Singer & Company.
FACT:  I. M. Singer & Company produced more than 25-hundred sewing machines in 1856, and just four years later the company's sewing machine production was up to 13-thousand.
FACT:  I. M. Singer & Company was one of the first American corporations to have international branches, with offices in France and Brazil.


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on 10.09.12 Sonny commented

Congrats to Rochelle of Beaver Dams, NY. She won tickets to see the Newsboys, their latest CD "God's Not Dead," And she's qualified for the VIP Experience. ONE More chance to win is on the way.

on 10.09.12 Sonny commented

Congrats to Lynn from Candor, NY who won our last Newsboys prize pack. We'll announce the Grand Prize VIP Winner around 5:15p.

on 10.09.12 Sonny commented

A BIG Congrats to Jen H. of Elmira, NY our VIP Grand Prize Winner!

on 10.15.12 carol paupst commented

Enjoy your station. Awesome. :)I
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