Hungry For Love Tickets

11.03.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[39]

How would you like to win tickets to see the Hungry For Love tour this Friday in Rochester at Roberts Wesleyan College? You can see Sanctus Real singing "Lead Me", Leeland singing "Follow You" and The Afters singing "You're Keeping Me Alive" and so much more. Just add a comment WHY you'd like to go, with your name, below and we just might pick you. Winners will be picked at random for two free tickets. IMPORTANT!!! You must check back at 5:30 this evening to see if you've won and then you must email me with your info @

Hope you win!


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on 11.03.10 Michelle Wright commented

Jay and I are already going but I would love to bless our Pastor and his wife or another couple from our church with the tickets. We are going with a group of 8 couples from our church and I can't wait!! :D

on 11.03.10 Nigel Richmond commented

Love these bands and would love to go. Pick me! Pick me!

on 11.03.10 Danielle Nuhfer commented


on 11.03.10 Wendy Becker commented

Hey Sonny! I can't go, but if I win the tickets, I will give them to my daughter and a friend!! Pick me, pick me!! LOL! :)

on 11.03.10 Marci Buckley commented

Love this song! My husband too! You are such a blessing Sonny!

on 11.03.10 Esther commented

I want to go see Sanctus Real because I love the song "Lead Me". It reminds me of the Biblical role in my marriage that I am meant to fulfill and the roll that my husband is to fulfill. It also reminds me of the amazing way that God transformed our 18 year marriage only 6 months ago! We have found new intamcy and security in our marriage and are so thankful to the Lord.

on 11.03.10 Justin commented

I would say I should go, but I feel that this is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend that's down or has hit rock bottom in his/her life. So don't count me in the contest, I'm just encouraging people if you win, GO Bring an unsaved friend or a friend that needs it.

God Bless You all!

on 11.03.10 Evie Peck commented

A date night?!? That would be fantastic! Hopefully . . .

on 11.03.10 Megan Cusumano commented

I really, really, really, really, really, really........WANT TO GO!!!

on 11.03.10 Rick Johnson commented

My wife and I would love to go to the concert. Sanctus Real - Lead Me has become our favorite song. It reminds me of what I need to be about and who is our source of hope and power as Iseek to shepherd my family.

on 11.03.10 Michelle Negley commented

I would love to take my hubby out of town for a date night. :)

on 11.03.10 Justin commented

On second thought, I've got someone who qualifies as someone who really needs an encounter with GOD... so do include me. Lol :-) Be Blessed!

on 11.03.10 Beth commented

I really, really need to hear some good, live Christian music, to help me recharge. October was a very challenging month. Also, I would love to take a new sister in Christ, who needs a break and a girls night out!
God Bless!

on 11.03.10 Kelly Jo McDermott commented

I would like to go the this concert with my boyfriend. I love these bands and I mentioned the concert to him when we went to the 10th Avenue North concert. It would be an awesome date night. :)

on 11.03.10 Mikayla Glass commented

My mom and dad have been married for 20years and they always put us (5) kids before themselves. It's not very often that they get to go out just the two of them, and I would love it if I could win these tickets to give to them. :)

on 11.03.10 Pam Winsor commented

Hello! I would love to go. I have not seen any of these Artists in concert yet. It would be a great blessing. I would like to take a good friend of mine. He really could use this opportunity in his life.

on 11.03.10 Joanna commented

First, I would love to bless a special someone with this opportunity; and Second, cuz it's my birthday.

on 11.03.10 Kim D commented

My husband and I led a two-week mission trip to Spain in August. When we came back, I turned on the radio and the first song I heard was "Lead Me" by Sanctus Reel. I immediately fell in love with the song, which I had never heard before. I did a Google search to find out what song it was, and I bought it on iTunes (and played it on repeat for a couple days straight)! I would LOVE to hear this song live ... among other songs that these artists will be singing! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

on 11.03.10 Tom S commented

I would love to take my "best friend" ( and beautiful wife) Lisa to see this concert...she has put up with a lot from me over the past 29 years....God has blessed me beyond words with my wife....and our 2 beautiful children....would love to surprise her with a night out :)

on 11.03.10 Jeremy Holden commented

I would love to take my wife. We have both been ministered to by the new song form Santus Real, 'Lead Me'.

on 11.03.10 Joshua Weaver commented

Last week, my mother-in-law won tickets to see Big Daddy Weave, Aaron Shust and Andy Kirk in Syracuse. Unfortunately, she had to work and couldn't go but she gave the tickets to my wife and I and we had an excellent time. I would like to return the favor by hopefully winning these tickets so they can go Friday night! They are always looking for ways to bless others and it's time they were blessed themselves and an evening out to see Sanctus Real, Leeland and The Afters would be a nice way to say thank you. My wife's father owns a Christian construction company and the Lord is doing the work though his hands. These tickets would be a big blessing!

on 11.03.10 Alicia Roland commented

Hi! My husband and I were just married in May, so we will be celebrating being married for half a year this November! We've had a great start to the many years that lie ahead (God willing)! My husband Dave and I are both a part of the worship team at our church, and we love to praise God through music. It would be great to do this together by rocking out at the concert, along with celebrating our first 6 months of marriage!

on 11.03.10 Sam McNamara commented

I would love to take my wife on a date.

on 11.03.10 Doug Flitcroft commented

My wife and I could use a night out. We have 4 kids and my wife homeschools 3 of them. I am working as a substitute teacher and barely make enough to pay the bills. We never have the time or finances for a date night and this would be a great date night.

on 11.03.10 Linda Tallman commented

My daughter goes to Roberts and she never has the extra money to buy tickets when these amazing bands come to her college. I would love to bless her and her roomate with these tickets.

on 11.03.10 matthew commented

My boss introduced me to fln recently and I just love the band sanctus real. They're one of my faves!

on 11.03.10 Aaron Mills commented

Leeland and the Afters are two of my wife's favourite bands. I'd love to be able to take her to this concert. Like many others, Lead Me has been an amazing encouragement to us.

on 11.03.10 Alexander commented


on 11.03.10 Katie Rich commented

My parents need a night away sooo bad!!!!!

on 11.03.10 Jonathan Darrah commented

My wife and I just got married 2 months ago. We both love these bands and I want to surprise my wife.

on 11.03.10 DENNIS W. BUCKLEY commented

That song is our families favorite song at the present time. Pleasssse let me winnnnn. I want to take my wife on a date.

on 11.03.10 Kiel T commented

I would like to go because I am an artist as well and I think this would give me a lot of inspiration in my music and help me to inspire other people as well

on 11.03.10 Hector Lowery commented

We have three BOYS under the age of 6....need I say more :) It would be a great date night with my wife!!

on 11.03.10 amelia huntley commented

i think going would be amazing I LOVE SANCTUS REAL!!!!!!!!!

on 11.03.10 Paul commented

I would like to go because I appreciate the ministry of Sanctus Real and would like to be able to take a few other people, Christians and non-Christians to see them.

on 11.03.10 Kaley commented

Like many others, my husband and I could really use a date night and I love Leeland!!!

on 11.03.10 Kim commented

DATE NIGHT!!!!!! (And I'm actually free to go, I don't have to go in to work at midnight that night!)

on 11.03.10 Sonny commented

Our Winner is, completely picked at random...
Joshua Weaver!!!
Thank you for all of your entries and please know that we'll have another chance tomorrow from 2-6pm.

on 11.03.10 Debra commented

How nice to have won Joshua~ I'll SEE your MOM there!!

Thank YOU again FLN!!