Have you heard of the "GUM" Drop Ministry

10.18.12 | Sonny Delfyette |

>>Church Ministry In Illinois Feeds Hungry Kids On The Weekends

First Baptist Church of Carterville, Illinois provides help for hungry kids on the weekends.  Baptist Press says the ministry is built around the phrase, "God Use Me," or the "GUM" Drop Ministry.  The needy kids receive a bag of child-friendly food to take home on Friday during the school year.  The bag has enough food to get them through the weekend.  Amy Simpson is one of the busy moms helping in the ministry and says, quote, "I've gotten a couple of cards from different parents.  I've saved them all, and they make you cry."

>>Air Canada Flight Locates Lost Ship

The passengers and crew of an Air Canada flight are getting credit for helping rescuers locate a wayward yacht.  According to "The Windsor Star," while en route from Vancouver to Sydney two weeks ago, the plane's pilot got a radio call asking if they could assist with a search for a ship in distress.  The yacht had apparently run out of fuel and was drifting in the sea.  After the captain determined there was enough fuel to make the detour, he took the plane down to five-thousand feet and told passengers to keep an eye out for the boat.  The flight crew used binoculars that the passengers provided and quickly spotted the yacht.  The pilot radioed in the ship's location and police sent out a vessel to rescue the lone passenger. The Air Canada flight was delayed about 90 minutes but the pilot said none of the passengers seemed to mind.



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