Have Faith, a Prayer

06.08.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

Author Anita Lustrea was the guest on Focus On The Family and encouraged listeners to be intentional about creating a community of deep relationships, free from the secrets and barriers that lead to isolation. She then shared a prayer for women who are struggling that Sonny set to music. Please click the link to listen and share with anyone you feel may need it.


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on 06.09.12 Alex Slater commented

Cant find the link.

on 06.09.12 Rob Wood - Family Life commented

Hi Alex, just click the play button below the text. Sorry for the confusion.

on 12.07.12 Leigh commented

This afternoon i was listening to this program and heard this testimony on the radio and just prior to that i had a similar conversation with a friend about God doesn't sideline us but we as people sideline ourselves and this prayer truly reached deep inside of me...