Has GOD allowed Family Life to be instrumental in your Salvation?

04.03.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

It's Testimony Tuesday and today the question is, Has GOD allowed Family Life to be instrumental in your Salvation? Is there a song or a sermon you heard on Family Life or an event that Family Life was a part of that made you say Yes Lord? We'd love to hear your story at 1-888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below.




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on 04.03.12 Sandy commented

I started a new job in July of 2010 and I was baptised in September of 2010 along with my husband. At my new job my boss listens to FLN. Since I started there he turned me on to your station. Its been a huge blessing. I love the afternoon show especially with, Living on the Edge and Walk in the Word. These programs have helped us to grow in the Word as I take these home for in depth discussion. FLN is truly a blessing and I'm so glad my Boss turned me on to your station. Because of all of this I have written a play for our Church that will be performed this Easter Sunday. Thank You FLN for you constant teachings and inspirations.

on 04.03.12 Liz commented

I go way back to Friday the 13th of September 1946 when it was called YFC and we met in area churches. A friend invited me to go hear Rev. John Woodhouse (I remember his name b/c he said the shingles were falling off his woodhouse. He was indeed quite bald) But I was made aware of my sin and realized that I needed the Savior. My folks figured I would outgrow my "new religion" but, PTL , He has sustained me to this day in my 80th year, becoming more precious with each passing year. We moved into our current home the day FLN came on the air so I always know how long I have lived here and how old the station is. When I can't sleep, it is always nice to turn on the radio, especially early in the mornings, or when I am in one place long enough to turn on the programs. I try to bake Saturday so I can hear the "Gospel Greats" music. Keep up the good work.

on 04.04.12 Lon commented

I was about 8 years old when I saw my first "girlie" magazine. It was at a friends' house and his much older brother had them scattered all over their room. For the next 30 years pornographic magazines were part of my life. On Dec 21st, 1998 I had a life altering event that made me start to search out the God I had learned about in church when a was growing up. You see that day had me first-on-scene, Chief-in-charge of a house fire that took the lives of two dear neighbor boys ages 8 & 12. I felt God knock at the door of my heart that day but I did not open it. While walking around the house that day I came across a pornographic magazine laying on the ground, having been blown out from the pressure of our water hoses while fighting the fire. God spoke to me saying "is this what is going to happen to you? Great tragedy while seeking your own selfish desires". I knew then that I needed to change my ways.

I started going to church more regularly with my family. I started looking for a different form of music than I had been listening to, stumbled across WDBA in DuBois and Christian music started to fill my life.

Fast forward to November 2006 and while at a Family LIfe Network sponsored Casting Crowns concert in Wilkes-Barre the band sits down on stools and ministers to the crowd. Leader singer Mark Hall leads all who want to accept Christ in the sinner’s prayer and I found myself finally opening the door to Him who gives us life. I'm thankful for that day and FLN for I was able to leave my old life behind and seek my new life in Christ. It also gave me 2 years to prepare for a test of faith I was going to go through. What follows here is what I wrote on July 17, 2009, one year after almost losing my brother:

I have to give you all a big THANK YOU for all the thoughts and prayers that have been given to our family over the past year. It is hard to believe that it has been a full year now since I watched Alan head to the truck with Tim to go have the most rotten, terrible headache he had ever experienced checked out. Little did I know how sinister it was and how it could have been the last time I would see him walk this great land that God has given us. The cell phone call from his wife Heather at 5:20pm telling me that it was bad, he had bleeding on the brain and was heading to Pittsburgh via Stat Medivac was a call that will forever remain etched in my mind. Since then God has shown me that He is still in control of our lives if we learn to ask Him into our lives and give Him the reins.
You see, what I didn't tell you back then was how God spoke to me in the early days of Alan going down. Guess I didn't want to be labeled a "Jesus Freak" (you know, the guy who thinks he hears God speaking to him). I did just what it says not to do in Matthew 10:33 and now it is time to stop denying Him. It is time for me to stop having Him my pocket and start wearing Him more on my sleeve.
The day we found out that he had developed diabetic ketoacidosis, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and ballooned 60+ pounds in weight was also the first day that I prayed the way I had read in "90 Minutes In Heaven" to pray for someone in a similar situation. I had just hung up from calling Pastor Mark Meyers to have Alan put on his prayer chain and being outside on my parents porch, in the calmness of the woods surrounding me, I bowed my head to do a head to toe prayer. I started praying for Alan's hair, how us Seigworth's have problems growing it on top anyway but that it was all right if it didn't come back after it was shaved off. Next was for the brain and that through it all that it would come back to where it was before the bleed and he'd remember everything. His eyes and knowing that diabetics have eye trouble that comes with being a diabetic and with the lack of oxygen because of the ARDS the eyes are the first place oxygen leaves, please bring his eyesight back to the level it was. His nose and mouth, let his breath through them be like the first breath that Jesus and Lazarus took after being risen from dead. His heart, let there be little to no damage from the heart attack and keep the blood circulating as diabetics have trouble with losing extremities due to lack of good circulation. His lungs, let those sweet breaths fill them, squeeze the fluid out. His liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, intestines, bladder. Heck I even prayed for his appendix! I asked for no organ damage. I asked for the kidney's to continue to function to get the fluids off of him. I continued to his legs, let them get good blood flow so that he doesn't need to have amputation and they have the strength to carry him on. His arms, may they remain calm so he stops pulling the tubes out and have the strength to help him through the rehab he'll have to go through. Please bring him fully back to us. As I finished this prayer the Lord spoke to me saying "Do you want to see him sitting up in bed eating orange sherbet?". I looked around wondering where I just heard that come from! I bowed my head again and said “What?” The Lord again said “Do you want to see him sitting up in bed eating orange sherbet?” Both times I was given a vision of me sitting on Alan’s right side as he was sitting up in his hospital bed eating a small cup of orange sherbet. Of course my answer was "Ahh, yeah!". "In my time" was His reply. The only people I shared this with at that time was my Mom, Aunt Carol and a couple of close friends as I thought they were the only ones who would understand. This prayer would be my twice everyday prayer for the next couple of months. At meal times I would pray that the nourishment I would receive would not come to me but to Alan to keep his strength up to fight all that was being thrown at him. That same night, after visiting a neighbor, I got back in my truck, knowing how the pneumonia had affected him back in Jan 08 and asked God to give me a sign that He was with Alan. He delivered - Selah's song "Rescue Me" came across Family Life Network’s WDBA (now WCOH) station. Read the lyrics and you will know how it is God speaking to me through this song:
Deep is the river that I have to cross
Heavy the weight on my shoulder
I have discovered how great is the cost
Of trying alone to cross over
I try and I try but the current’s too strong
It’s pulling me under and my strength is gone
Don’t leave me stranded

Rescue me, my God and my King,
Water is rising and I cannot breathe,
Wrap Your arms all around me and
Carry me over (rescue me) Carry me over

There is a bridge that is easy to cross
While all of our burdens are lifted
Peace is the land that is waiting for us
Lord, give me faith to believe it
Cause I’m in a storm but I’m willing to fight
I’ll overcome and I will not die with You by my side

Rescue me, my God and my King,
Water’s are rising and I cannot breathe,
Wrap Your arms all around me and
Carry me over (rescue me) Carry me over

I will sail over the oceans and
High over the mountains and
Soar up to the Heavens
Here is my hand is my heart and my soul and my mind

Rescue me, my God and my King,
The water’s are rising and I cannot breathe,
Wrap your arms all around me and
Carry me over
Rescue me, my God and my King,
You are the only one who can save me
Wrap your arms all around me and
Carry me over (rescue me)
Carry me over (rescue me)
Carry me over (rescue me)

As you now know there were many hills and valleys for the next 7+ weeks. We thought we were out of the woods on Aug 17th, his 45th birthday only for him to get ARDS for the second time on the 18th. Another thing I kept from you all was that the hospital asked Heather for the second time (the first time was the 18th of July) what course of action they were going to take and that that answer would have to come on the 26th. After catching ARDS the second time Alan became unresponsive to even painful stimuli, showed no brain wave activity and, as they told us, no one has survived 2 bouts of ARDS. Long term they told her was he would be brain dead, multiple organ failure, feeding tube, kidney dialysis for how ever long he would survive in a nursing home or short term in the hospital. About 9am on the morning of the August 26th Mom called me at the shop and asked me if I knew what it was that Heather, Tim and Pastor Dan were going to the hospital to do and even though I didn't know the details I knew by her voice tone that it was going to be the short term. Mom let me know that they had written his obituary the night before. I had written to you all to be in deep prayer that day; that Heather, Tim and Pastor Dan were on their way down and no matter what happened that God's will would be done. Well, when they arrived they were told that Alan was alert, awake and had been sitting in a chair for the last 2 hours!
Well as we all know now God's will was done just as I had prayed for it. His hair did come back (along with his funky mustache thingy). His mind is still as sharp as it was before, recalling things with clarity. His eyesight is as it was with no effects from the lack of O2. His throat/vocal cords, they didn't understand how he didn't drown after the ventilator was taken out due to the "hole" from scar tissue left in the cords or how he even was talking since the cords were considered paralyzed (I know how!). His heart shows no damage. His lungs, that should have been damaged terribly from the 2 bouts of ARDS, are clear. No organ damage. The kidney’s, they were considered damaged and he would be looking at dialysis 3 times a week, are functioning fine.
The biggest thing the God showed me was on the first night that I got to see Alan after he made it to the DuBois hospital for rehab. Remember how He asked me if I wanted to see Alan sitting up in bed eating orange sherbet? After suiting up outside his room (due to MRSA & Staff infections) I walked in and sat back against the window ledge on Alan’s right side. Heather was at his bedside opposite me and was chatting with him as he was lying flat on the bed. She asked him about eating something and then "it" happened. Alan hit the button on the bed to set himself up and then I watched as he popped the top on an ORANGE JELLO! While it wasn't sherbet it was close enough. I knew then just how awesome of a God I serve and how faithful He is to us.

Thank you all again.
In His service,