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02.20.13 | Sonny Delfyette |

>>New York Man Plays Q*Bert For Nearly 85 Hours

A New York man is in the record books for playing the arcade video game Q*Bert for nearly three-and-a-half days straight.  According to the "Newark Star-Ledger," George Leutz of Manhattan hopped on the Q*Bert unit at Knucklez Arcade Games in Raritan Township, New Jersey on February 14th and didn't end his run until the 18th, when he ran out of "lives."  The 38-year old ended up playing a total of 84 hours and 48 minutes on one game credit, beating the old record of 68-point-five hours set last year.  Apparently, Guinness World Record rules state that a person can earn five minutes of rest every hour as long as they do not pause the game.  That meant every time Leutz needed a bathroom break he had to acquire enough "lives" to keep the game going.  

Leutz says he played the game one handed so he could eat and drink at the same time.  He says he was able to break the record because Q*Bert is the game he was good at when he was a kid.  This was his fifth time attempting the record.  
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>>Robin Roberts Returns To "Good Morning America"

Robin Roberts is back on ABC's "Good Morning America."  The popular anchorwoman left the morning news program nearly six months ago to begin treatment for a rare blood disorder.  Roberts had a bone marrow transplant last September.  She told her audience this morning that she's thankful and a bit relieved to be back to work on the network's top-rated morning show.  Doctors believe Roberts came down with the disorder when she was being treated for breast cancer several years ago.


Steve Carell To Appear On Vegas Reality Show

Steve Carell is returning to the small screen.  EW.com reports the actor will appear on an upcoming episode of "Pawn Stars," where he will negotiate with owner Rick Harrison over an item at downtown Vegas' Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.  Carell's appearance is part of a promotional tie-in for his new film "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," which was shot in Sin City.  Carell and his daughter are reportedly big fans of the History Channel reality series.  There's still no word on whether the former star of "The Office" will make a cameo appearance on the sitcom's May 16th series finale.


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