Did you miss Jaime Jamgochian?

09.27.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

Did you miss the live performance of Jaime Jamgochian yesterday? You can still hear it, and more, @ www.fln.org/one Every Family Life show On Demand! So if you miss what Family Life Mornings did and you'd like to hear it again, or something Terese said, or Testimony Tuesday, or... just go to www.fln.org/one Plus, you can still catch Jaime Jam tonight at the Auburn Alliance Church in Auburn, NY. Tomorrow night in Norwich, NY at the Martin W. Kapel Theater, and Saturday in Milton, PA at Christ Wesleyan. Tickets are $10 in advance and $13 at the door.

Don't miss the Plugged In Movie Review today at 4:50p.

Need a chuckle? True story from across the Pond: A British police officer's recent investigation of a bright light turned up nothing but an embarrassing story.  According to Orange News, a columnist for the Police Federation's in-house magazine explains that the constable told his sergeant that he was going up into the hills near Worcestershire, England to check out what he called a "suspicious bright light."  Twenty minutes later, the constable called his sergeant again to reassure him that everything was okay, since the source of the light was actually the moon.

Happy Thursday!



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on 04.04.16 sherry commented

i sure likr life on the pond an the other kids program on sat.its a great blessing to hear. GOD bless you sherry my email is spencersherry55@yahoo.com

on 04.04.16 sherry commented

an like jamgochian too