Cecil's road to recovery

05.27.13 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

From Cecil:

slow and steady 


Have you ever been stuck behind a car whose driver thinks the speed limits were set by Indy car drivers?  It's often but not always a big Buick and the driver, if visible at all, is barely visible behind their headrest?  As you creep by the 'Speed Limit 65' sign you can almost hear them muttering, "The speed limit was 40 when Delmus and I moved here in 1951 and it still should be."  After what seems like forever - even the cows in the fields are passing you - the right turn signal starts flashing and you think, "Finally..."  The signal blinks...and blinks...and blinks.  A mile and a half later, just as the profanity gauge is approaching the red zone, you come to an intersection and they slowly turn to the right and go on their way.  Fortunately, you're going straight.  As you look back, their turn signal is still on.

Guess what?  For the time being, I've become that person. No, not the impatient driver - the other one.  The slow one. My physical recovery itself is going well.  There have been no complications, problems or setbacks.  In fact we were in Rochester Friday for a follow-up at the VAD Clinic and everything looked fine.  They're thinking of tweaking the pump from 8400 to 8600 RPM.  Bear in mind that a 2013 Corvette with a tricked-out 427 V8 redlines at 7000 RPM. But trust me, that's the only part of me that's moving fast.
I'm still seeing a home health nurse weekly but the physical therapist signed off on me this week.  The doctors won't release me to go back to work for a minimum of three more weeks and cardiac rehab will begin in a month to five weeks.  Overall I'm feeling good and if I look at my progress over a week's time I can definitely see a difference.  Sometimes day-to-day that's not the case.  You know, the three steps forward, two back thing.  But thankfully, everything is moving in the right direction.  Just s-l-o-w-l-y.....  Getting ready in the morning is now a 45-minute (minimum) process.  Getting in and out of the truck? Very slow.  Walking up stairs?  I'm up to 7 steps; the only problem is it's 14 to our second floor.  
Connie has been amazingly helpful during this time and I want to thank her and the people she works with and for at Corning Inc. for being so understanding.  They have been a tremendous support system as well.
Much more to write about later in the week.  A couple things to be praying about, if you would.  I mentioned last week that I'll be transitioning to a new blog/domain.  I'm working with a consultant from Toronto on that and I'll let you know when it gets closer to launch.  The other thing is that I've decided to write a book.  It's actually a decision that has followed a long thought process.  It's not a whim; but I believe this is the time God is leading me to do it. More details coming on that as well but I'm going to put together a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it.  If the Lord blesses the project it could be out by mid-fall. Please pray that God will guide the writing and assembly of the content so it can reach out and touch people.  
You all are a blessing and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  Connie and I thank you and we covet your prayers as we take the next steps...slowly...on the journey.  We'll be in touch.


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on 05.27.13 Patricia Kunselman commented

The first I had heard of you is listening to FLN today on car radio. WOW ! What a story. You are in my prayers. May God strengthen you more and more each day.

on 05.27.13 Shelley commented

One step at a time...one day at a time...6 months from now you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel. Met a pt. at the Scripps Clinic near San Diego, CA when I was there last summer for a conference. He had golfed 18 holes (from a cart of course)just the day before his appointment! His wife says the LVAD gave him a new life. God has blessed you, Cecil...one step and one day at a time. We are praying.

on 06.03.13 Melissa commented

Glad to see that you are following the path that God has for you! I am so encouraged to be able to hear about your progress on the radio. I must say that you are missed and I miss our conversations. Keep up the good GOD work that you are doing.