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From Cecil:


Medical update - entering the 19th week here at beautiful Cabo San Strong and it's becoming like a video game - as you move up each new level the game becomes more challenging.

Of all the factors related to transplant, one of the most critical is kidney function.  I've written about that before as the staff has tried to balance maintaining the best kidney function with removing internal fluid buildup.  Whatever degree of kidney dysfunction I have is not chronic; it's directly related to the damage done to my heart since the heart attack in 2009.  But because the kidneys take a hit during transplant surgery and are weakened during the recovery period, it's critical that they be in the best condition possible going in. 

Staying centered on that balance point is becoming increasingly tricky because at the same time my heart function is slowly decreasing which adds to the challenge and urgency of the situation.  So it goes without saying that your prayers are needed and appreciated. Thank you.

Voter Turnout - Can It Get Much Worse?  Only 21% of registered voters turned out for the mayoral primary in L.A. last week.  That says a lot about apathy, lack of engagement and the candidates.  But is there anything that hasn't already been said?  I don't think so.  Ironically, a survey showed that one of the top reasons people didn't vote was the same as what the candidate's consultants said was their most effective marketing tool:  negative campaign ads.  

Speaking of Politics and Politicians: Sarah Palin has a new book coming out in time for the holidays from HarperCollins called “A Happy Holiday IS a Merry Christmas”.  Quoth she, “It will be a fun, festive, thought-provoking book that will encourage readers to unite in defense of our faith and ignore the politically-correct Scrooges who would rather take Christ out of Christmas.”  Really?  That’s so 2007.  Come on, Sarah, stay with the tour.

Guess Who: Match the popular American brands on the left with the foreign corporations that own them on the right.  

Budweiser                      IHG (United Kingdom) 

Ben & Jerry’s                  ADIC (Abu Dhabi)

7-Eleven                         InBev (Belgium-Brazil)

The Chrysler Building     Unilever (U.K.-Netherlands)

Holiday Inn                     Seven & 1 (Japan)

Still Pretty Hot Wheels: Even though sales of Mattel’s iconic die-cast cars have leveled off in the last few years (they’ve reportedly sold 4 billion cars since they were introduced in 1968), they’re still generating $1 billion in net profit a year for the toymaker.  That’s more than 50% of Chrysler’s and 25% of Ford’s net profits for the last few years.

The Ultimate Easter Dinner: Here’s something new and different you can make for Easter dinner this year.  Giada doesn’t have it.  Neither does Paula Deen.  You won’t see it on America’s Test Kitchen.  It combines two great flavors into one great main dish - chocolate covered Easter ham.  Available in milk or dark chocolate, the ham is pre-cooked, honey-glazed and spiral-cut.  For added fun, add the 'Easter Bunny' Accessory Pak, which includes bug eyes, bunny ears and whiskers (Not a toy; keep away from children under 3).  Ask about availability at your local grocer.

“PT Loser” Department: The PT Cruiser is dead.  Even though the last ones were built in late 2010 they could still be found - like walkers on 'The Walking Dead' - on dealer lots.  And because no one bought them, in car rental fleets.  But even the rental companies have finally dumped them.  The PT generated either extreme enthusiasm or extreme dislike; there was no middle ground.  Connie got stuck with one when she was in California on business a couple years ago.  Hated it. 

Score Two for the Good   Bad   I Don’t Know Any More Guys:  A state Supreme Court judge in Manhattan on Monday struck down Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed limits on big, sugary drinks, one day before they were to take effect.  Saying only the City Council has the legislative authority to approve such an initiative, Judge Milton Tingling ruled the limits were “arbitrary and capricious”.  Speaking of sugar, two private equity groups have agreed to pay $410 million to purchase the assets and brands of bankrupt Hostess.  That means Twinkies will be back on store shelves in a couple of months.  (I guess I can stop hoarding the Hostess Cup Cakes now.)  

“Nice horsey…” Department: “I would still eat these meatballs.  No problem”, said Zuzana Navelkova, an official at the Czech laboratory who discovered horsemeat in IKEA Swedish meatballs, starting a firestorm over food labeling in Europe.  (When I saw they were distributed as the ‘Old Nagg’ brand, I thought that was Swedish for ‘meatball’.  Who knew?)  Even Nestle, the world’s largest food company discovered horsemeat in some of its products.  Nestle Crunch candy bars?  Don’t ask.  On the other hand this could be spun into an opportunity for some new lines of IKEA horsemeat products.  Everyone loves chicken nuggets; how about “Trigger Bits” horse nuggets?  Or a line of kid’s frozen entrees, “My Little Pony” with ‘a (sur)prize in every package’. 

“Seabiscuits”, horsemeat with that briny, sea salty tang; or “My Friend Flicka Breakfast Patties”, meaty flavor with just a touch of maple sugar. 

“IKEA – there’s as much meat in our meatballs as there is wood in our furniture.  IKEA.” 

There’s Expensive Then There’s EXPENSIVE:  I’ve always loved timepieces.  The craftsmanship required to design and build a quality watch, especially one with multiple complications amazes me.   They are as beautiful as they are intricate.  So when I saw an ad for this really sharp Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch by Breitling I thought, “I’ll bet that costs a couple thousand dollars.”  Turns out I was off – by $22,400.00.  Right before they hung up on me I was assured that yes, the decimal point is in the right place. 

Enjoy our world.  If we don't, who will?


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on 03.14.13 MaryBeth Lynn commented

Blessings to you, Cecil!!
I bring my prayers for you before the throne of God, in agreement with you, the Lord, and other praying saints:
Lord, Cecil is YOURS, and we appreciate the work You have begun in him and we ask for his complete healing here on earth, in the mighty name of Jesus. I believe we are in agreement with Your will in asking for his healing, we read in Your Word that by Jesus' stripes we are healed, and so we receive that healing for Cecil, hallelujah. Thank You, Papa God, for giving us life, and life more abundantly. We loose Your healing power upon each system in Cecil's body, commanding by Your power and authority that they get in right order in accordance with Your perfect creation before the fall of man and the curse. Kidneys, heart, lungs, blood, and every cell and atom- work as God commanded since He created mankind. In Jesus' name we bind sickness, physical &/or emotional imbalance, spiritual attacks, and every plan of the enemy for Cecil's destruction, and we command him to get his hands off Cecil NOW. We thank You, Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for Your manifest healing, and glorify You as we praise You for every good and perfect gift You continually give. Hallelujah!!
May Cecil have many opportunities to share his testimony around the world in whatever venues You choose, Lord, and may his hunger for Your Word and passion for You greatly increase even this very day. Fill him to overflowing with Your Spirit, that he'd recognize his own "upper room" experience and the beginning of something new in his life. Draw others to him, that he could share the gospel without even having to find people to tell.
To God be the glory, great things He has done and is doing RIGHT NOW!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have Your way, all the way, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.

on 03.14.13 Patricia Hannel commented

Greetings Cecil. I am praying for complete healing for your kidneys and for your heart function to increase. Our God is a loving God, and He hears the prayers of his children. You are such a strong man of God Cecil, and every time I read your updates I am reminded of your heart of gold for the living God.

I know that God gives you this beautiful heart for Himself. Your updates provide hope to so many, and we all look forward to hearing from you.

May God bless your days Cecil, and you are a testimony of faith, perseverance, and hope. Peace to. In the Name of the Living God, Patricia.