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I went to see Iron Man this weekend. Not what I expected. I'm kidding. Iron Man 3 opened to a Huge weekend: "Iron Man 3" Scores Second Best Opening Weekend Ever

--  "Iron Man 3" easily defeated the competition at the box office this weekend.  The latest outing by Robert Downey Jr.'s billionaire superhero Tony Stark brought in an estimated 175-point-three-million dollars in ticket sales over its first three days.  That puts it in the runner-up slot on the list of best opening weekends ever.  Only last year's "The Avengers" made a better first impression with 207-point-four-million dollars.  And while "Iron Man 3's" domestic debut is impressive, the blockbuster -- which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley -- is doing even better overseas.  It raked in another 175-point-nine-million dollars in foreign markets this weekend after opening last weekend with 195-million.  That brings the movie's worldwide total to an estimated 680-million dollars in just eleven days.

Meanwhile, no other movies managed to come close to "Iron Man's" numbers.  "Pain and Gain" finished second with seven-point-six-million dollars, followed by "42," "Oblivion," and "The Croods."

Box Office Top Ten:

1. "Iron Man 3" -- 175-point-three-million dollars
2. "Pain and Gain" -- seven-point-six-million dollars
3. "42" -- six-point-two-million dollars
4. "Oblivion" -- five-point-eight-million dollars
5. "The Croods" -- four-point-two-million dollars
6. "The Big Wedding" -- three-point-nine-million dollars
7. "Mud" -- two-point-two-million dollars
8. "Oz the Great and Powerful" -- one-point-eight-million dollars
9. "Scary Movie 5" -- one-point-four-million dollars
10. "The Place Beyond the Pines" -- one-point-three-million dollars



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on 08.12.13 Deb commented

Do you know if Kings Faith will be coming out on DVD? I have seen the trailer on it and we are trying to get geared up for once a month movie night at church and would love to show this movie it sounds absolutely awesome.



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