An update from Cecil Vanhouten 2

12.08.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

Cecil An Important specific Prayer request from Cecil;

Thanks again for checking in on what's happening at Cabo San Strong Memorial.  Thank you for your continued prayers; we gain strength from them every day.  

I mentioned a few days ago that the focus lately has been more on my kidneys and their function than on my heart.  The heart has actually stabilized which is good news and encouraging in regard to the other organs affected by its performance.  The concern remains that the balance of meds I'm on will help my heart beat stronger without upsetting the kidneys.  Or as one of the nurses put it, "we don't want to anger the kidneys."  (I think when I get out I'm going to form a rock group called "The Angry Kidneys") 

This entire process has been a series of steps on the journey, encountering a crossroads, making a choice and then moving on the next leg of the trip.  We're going to be coming up to another crossroads probably in the next 10 days  and I would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding it.  

Without going into all the details, the issue is whether my kidneys will continue to function well enough for me to remain qualified for a transplant given the fact that a donor heart could be months away.  If the consensus is that they may not, there are other options available but none I'm willing to consider.  Since some of the factors can change along the way, you have to constantly re-evaluate your course of action.  That's the situation we're encountering now; we're certainly not at a crisis point but we need Godly wisdom to weigh all the factors and make the best decisions as we look to the future.

Thanks in advance for all you do.

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While I'm at it, I want to say thanks to Steve and Cynthia Bell and the church family at First Baptist Church in Shinglehouse, PA.  They have a prayer blanket outreach; a woman in the church makes them and personalizes each one, the congregation prays over it and it's given to the person in need.  I received one from them yesterday and it is not only beautiful (and warm - fleece!) but it has so much meaning behind it, I'm thrilled to have it.  In fact, I took it out for a test drive earlier today (a mid-afternoon cat nap) and it worked beautifully!

Thank you too for the cards and emails and comments here on the blog.  I know God is being glorified through your witness and faithfulness to him.  God bless...

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This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday in Advent.  I've got a new blog about that and a few others coming up.  Thanks for keeping in touch.


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on 12.08.12 Roberta O'Brien commented

Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

on 12.08.12 Ginny Campbell commented

My grandson was a heart donor five years ago and while we continue to muss him, it has been a wondrous journey. My son & daughter-law- have been fortunate to spend time with the Lille boy who has his heart along with his family. Praying that you have the same opportunity.

on 12.10.12 Roberta O'Brien commented

Happy Birthday Cecil :) May God bless you today and always.