Every day we hear stories of how God has worked through His ministry of Family Life to change hearts, unite families, strengthen marriages, transform lives, renew hope, overcome addictions, and so much more. 

How has the Lord used Family Life in your life? Share your story below and join with us in saying “To God Be the Glory”!


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Chris Stavana on 06.21.18, 6:11 PM

Family Life has been such a blessing to me. I listened secular music for years and thought that was I had to listen to. Then I went to Kingdom Bound in 2009 and I found out about Family Life and it was in my area too. I found the music to be much more inspiring than mainstream top 40 music. Then in 2015, I decided to become a part of the listener advisory panel which is my favorite part of the ministry because it gives me the opportunity to provide feedback. Then in 2016 God really opened the door for me to get involved in Family Life. I was invited to one of the vision team meetings from being on the listener advisory panel and I decided to step out of my comfort and travel out to Bath from the Binghamton area. I loved it because I got indepth tour of the Family Life facility and meet some of the staff members. It was a few days after that Go laid it on my heart to volunteer at the Fall 2016 sharathon and I started doing other events as well and its been such a blast. Ive volunteered four sharathons already and want to do more in the future and i also started supporting the ministry financially. I also started texting the studio and talk to Sonny in the afternoon frequently and then when I saw him at the Casting Crowns concert in February 2017, he recognized my name and knows me pretty well. Then he knew who I was from then on. Then I met alot more of the staff last month at the Tenth Avenue North concert and from volunteering the Pirates of Penzance Jr show and many of them had seen me or knew my name including Terese Main. Its been great being a part of this family of listeners and volunteers and ive grown tremendously the last two years from investing my time into Family Life. I love what this ministry does and I want to help out even more in the future once I am able to. You guys are such a blessing.

Chris Stavana

Mikayla on 06.24.18, 9:29 PM

Family life has been there for me in my darkest times, when I cannot get out of bed, let alone make it to church. Thank you everyone for putting in the time and effort it takes to run a Christian radio station. You are touching so many peoples lives in so many ways.

Billy Gomola on 08.04.18, 12:42 AM

Family life helped save my life. a few weeks after a loved one went to heaven, i was looking for something to keep me going and i come accross fln. ya'll helped me realize God is an awesome God, and Jesus is my brother. you helped me get saved when you mentioned click on the banner 'do you know jesus?'.. just by clicking that banner, my life hasn't been the same, and it's a great thing! God is doing great things through your station, and now I live for today and the old hass passed away, i am made fresh and anew. ya'll do a really good job on this station, keep up the awesome work! - Billy Gomola

Lynn on 08.06.18, 7:33 PM

How does one recover from infidelity. Deceit. Betrayal. Lack of integrity. How does one forgive? How does one not give up after giving 100% and being kicked down? Many prayers needed for strength to move on. Many prayers requested to believe that God has a purpose for her. Many many prayers needed for this individual to find faith and hope to continue on.