Every day we hear stories of how God has worked through His ministry of Family Life to change hearts, unite families, strengthen marriages, transform lives, renew hope, overcome addictions, and so much more. 

How has the Lord used Family Life in your life? Share your story below and join with us in saying “To God Be the Glory”!


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Chris Stavana on 06.21.18, 6:11 PM

Family Life has been such a blessing to me. I listened secular music for years and thought that was I had to listen to. Then I went to Kingdom Bound in 2009 and I found out about Family Life and it was in my area too. I found the music to be much more inspiring than mainstream top 40 music. Then in 2015, I decided to become a part of the listener advisory panel which is my favorite part of the ministry because it gives me the opportunity to provide feedback. Then in 2016 God really opened the door for me to get involved in Family Life. I was invited to one of the vision team meetings from being on the listener advisory panel and I decided to step out of my comfort and travel out to Bath from the Binghamton area. I loved it because I got indepth tour of the Family Life facility and meet some of the staff members. It was a few days after that Go laid it on my heart to volunteer at the Fall 2016 sharathon and I started doing other events as well and its been such a blast. Ive volunteered four sharathons already and want to do more in the future and i also started supporting the ministry financially. I also started texting the studio and talk to Sonny in the afternoon frequently and then when I saw him at the Casting Crowns concert in February 2017, he recognized my name and knows me pretty well. Then he knew who I was from then on. Then I met alot more of the staff last month at the Tenth Avenue North concert and from volunteering the Pirates of Penzance Jr show and many of them had seen me or knew my name including Terese Main. Its been great being a part of this family of listeners and volunteers and ive grown tremendously the last two years from investing my time into Family Life. I love what this ministry does and I want to help out even more in the future once I am able to. You guys are such a blessing.

Chris Stavana

Mikayla on 06.24.18, 9:29 PM

Family life has been there for me in my darkest times, when I cannot get out of bed, let alone make it to church. Thank you everyone for putting in the time and effort it takes to run a Christian radio station. You are touching so many peoples lives in so many ways.

Billy Gomola on 08.04.18, 12:42 AM

Family life helped save my life. a few weeks after a loved one went to heaven, i was looking for something to keep me going and i come accross fln. ya'll helped me realize God is an awesome God, and Jesus is my brother. you helped me get saved when you mentioned click on the banner 'do you know jesus?'.. just by clicking that banner, my life hasn't been the same, and it's a great thing! God is doing great things through your station, and now I live for today and the old hass passed away, i am made fresh and anew. ya'll do a really good job on this station, keep up the awesome work! - Billy Gomola

Lynn on 08.06.18, 7:33 PM

How does one recover from infidelity. Deceit. Betrayal. Lack of integrity. How does one forgive? How does one not give up after giving 100% and being kicked down? Many prayers needed for strength to move on. Many prayers requested to believe that God has a purpose for her. Many many prayers needed for this individual to find faith and hope to continue on.

Emily on 08.17.18, 4:57 PM

I started listening to Family Life a few years ago and while it's always been very uplifting and helpful, it has never been more so than this past month for me. At 27 years old I was in the first real relationship of my life, it only lasted just under 2 months. We've been broken up for nearly a month now and I had many low moments. God has used Family Life to lift my spirits and point my focus back on the right things (Himself and His Word). So many songs came on at the right time and so many good words spoken at the right time as well (I especially enjoy Ron Hutchcraft in the mornings and I try to catch Walk in the Word when I can and the other afternoon programs). God is truly using you, believe me. I can't express how much of a blessing you all have been to me at this time when I have faced confusion and pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may God continue to bless all of you personally and in this ministry!

Hannah on 09.02.18, 4:06 PM

I have listened to Family Life since the day I moved to Pennsylvania. It has always lifted my spirits, but especially when I was hospitalized because of anorexia. I was fighting Satan every day and he was winning. I couldn't get these thoughts that were saying that I'm worthless and god made a mistake when He made me. Listening to inspiring artists and messages of hope gave me hope and strength to fight one of my biggest battle, the first being with my dad through cancer treatments at a very young age. Thank you Family Life for playing uplifting music and for helping me through a dark time in my life. I will never be able to thank you enough. You guys are a blessing.

sue hammond on 09.06.18, 2:05 AM

I first heard you when I returned to the Olean, NY area from Ralston, PA to visit family. Seemed like every third or fourth song was a hymn sung by George Beverly Shea--not my favorite, but I was glad to know the local airwaves had a Christian presence! By the time I returned for good in 2002, your format had been revamped and was quite contemporary. Every song I heard was a delight, and I became acquainted with Chip Ingram and James McDomald. Mornings with John and Denny made me laugh in the midst of a dark and painful time. I've been a faithful listener ever since and cannot tell you how many times a song has touched me deeply or a comment or teaching program has inspired, comforted, encouraged, or enlightened me. Your constant presence in my life continues to support and encourage me and remind me that with Christ in my life, I am never alone or without cause for hope. Thank you for your faithful witness, and to God be the glory!

Bobbi Wenzel on 09.14.18, 2:21 PM

I never believed in GOD- if I couldn't see him he wasn't real. Until March 20, 2018 changed my life. A guy ran a stop sign and hit my SUV sending me into the ditch. A firemen showed and one in particular came over to me and prayed over me. Every fire fighter told me if I was 2 seconds later I would have been critically injured. (The guy hit my driver front fender.) I told my church friends that Sunday. It took me a few weeks, but when they asked if anyone wanted Jesus into their heart to raise their hand. So I did.
Since then I have been listening to your station on my way to work starting at 6am and on my way home around 3pm. When I hear my favorite songs I blast my radio. I play my favorites at home and work. I enjoy listening to the hosts. They make me laugh, cry and all around feel good. Your radio station has brought me joy through the tough times in my life. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you guys do

Opie on 09.26.18, 7:49 PM

I knew exactly where and how I would end it all. I had planned it out for some time. My life basically meant nothing at all to me and I knew the best thing for everyone if I were gone. Something made me stop and think of praying. Something took hold of me and I asked God to help me. I had no clue what it was or why, but I remember telling God that if he would get me through this dark time, I would give my life to him. It wasn't easy. My old bad habits of judging others and being angry were difficult to cast aside. I returned to the same church my daughter had begged me to attend. I kept going and I would cry during songs, I would take notes during the sermon. Each Sunday, the pastor spoke directly to me. I promised myself that I would continue to be the best person I could be. God brought me through my dark time. I continue to keep my promise to him. On July 15 I was baptized. To my utter surprise, my spouse joined me. I have asked God to take over my life and a weight has been lifted. I have made amends with my father after 11 years and my brother as well. These are two of the most precious gifts God has put back into my life. Every single day I pray for the courage to continue down this righteous path of discovery of all of God's plans for me.

Maudene' on 10.05.18, 11:38 AM

Praise the LORD... Thank You Family Life!!! We have been praying for 4 long months for my sister and her husband. My sisters in laws need 24 hour care and they had very little money. Her father in law got into a nursing home last month. The mother in law became mean and violent and the caregivers 7 all quit. My sister called me and was very tired and had given up. I told her to drop to her knees and cry out to GOD... She did and last night her mother in law got into a nursing home with the father in law. That was the power of pray!!! Thank You LORD for hearing our prayers!!!

Claudia on 11.09.18, 8:46 AM

I wanted to share with you a conversation that took place during my swim class! We meet in Attica School,for water exercise. My instructor is employed by the Attica Correctional facility.She mentioned that their phones cannot be brought into the workplace.as well as CD players, iPods etc.,they were told you may listen to a radio....lo' and behold the only station that would transmit through those walls is FLN!! She said it also plays for the correction officers and inmates! I was so excited to hear how God is at work within those walls! Thank you!!!

Alicia Fischer on 11.13.18, 5:34 PM

I was going thru some tough times a few months ago and that is when I started listing to Family Life. I just would like to share that I had 3 answered prayers with-in the past couple days. One is I am cancer free! I have had kidney cancer and had my right one removed. They found a cyst on my left but it is a "simple cyst" nothing to worry about. Second my son starts his new job tomorrow and my other son has had issues with extended family but I believe he is reaching out to them due to the fact he asked me for there addresses. God is so good! I do have a couple more specific prayer request but I know God will answer those in his own time.

Pamela Thompson on 11.15.18, 11:28 AM

In the last little over a year my oldest son passed away, this last summer in july I think, my twenty one year old grandson died. About two months ago my youngest son died. I am having a hard time getting a grip on this. It is two much for me to take. I am not suicidal, but I did start smoking again, trying to quit. I been only smoking between 1 and 4 cigarettes a day. I spent most of my adult life in domestic violence and near death situations. I will never give up my faith in God ever. Life can take my life but it can't take my soul that belongs to God. Since I moved back to New York my faith has got stronger. I started going to church, taught adult Sunday school, doing a ministry in a nursing not teaching but just visiting them and letting them know someone cares about them. I did some adult bible study in the apartment building where I live but this last year I haven't and because of my disability and all I haven't been to church. I even started painting again. But I still am struggling with my grief. I am 67 years old now, my life has been hard, I have Ptsd, and my doctor wants me to go to mental health but I refuse to go. God has got me through life far and he will get me through to the end. He has always been my strengh and no matter what life throws at me He will bring me through it. He is my rock. Yesterday i looked at the boom box that was my brothers and I ended up with it. I decided to put it on my stand next to my bed and turned it on the radio and tried to find a station. I found yours and I went to sleep listening to it. Last night I didn.t have a nightmare. God is awesome! First good night sleep I have had in a long time. I don't need to find anymore stations, this boombox will stay on this station.

Maudene' on 12.06.18, 12:48 PM

Thank You Family Life for the prayers and uplifting music... I prayed on Family Life prayer request and cried out to Jesus I would not have to have thyroid surgery or take medicine that make me sick and my LORD heard us!!! The doctor yesterday said he could not explain why I was doing well and would like to see me in 6 months and follow me and check my blood in three. I told him that was the power of pray, he looked so confused in awe... My husband said I was his Christmas miracle. THANK YOU LORD for hearing my prayer!!! The power of prayer is wonderful!!!

Cindy Price (CP. Warren PA) on 12.07.18, 12:38 PM

We have spent the last year HURTING for our daughter as she and her husband have suffered thru 3 miscarriages. She is now at 14 weeks of a pregnancy and GOD IS TO BE PRAISED. I just heard Michael Card's song Joseph holding Jesus in his arms. (don't know the name). It brought me to my knees as I think about our 1st grandchild to be. My dear Julie still needs God's strength to complete this pregnancy. But God loves us SO MUCH that he GAVE (and then GAVE UP) his only son for US. I am so humbled by that. Thank you, Family Life, for being HERE for me today!

Mary Novinger on 12.13.18, 8:05 PM

It has been a tough couple of months for me. And today, I was totally stressed out at work. I was driving home, and as always, listening to FLN. As I was in heavy traffic, I just made a plea to God to settle my insides. I no sooner got that out of my mouth, when Sonny prayed that the Lord would give peace to all who need it. I felt it wash over me. I am so grateful for your station. It's all I listen to in my car. Thanks Sonny for being lead of the Spirit to pray that prayer right at the same time I cried out for His help.

Mary Payne on 12.18.18, 10:35 PM

I listen to FLN every time I’m in my car. The music, stories, Words of Encouragement, and everything keep reminding me of how Jesus can work in our lives. My personal testimony is that I was dealing with headaches 24/7 for 3 years. February 15th, 2018, I underwent surgery for the bottom of my skull to be shaved to create more flow for my spinal fluid. This would be my first surgery, having anesthesia, and staying in a hospital. I was so nervous and having so much anxiety as the time came closer. I prayed every chance I got to relieve my stress and anxiety, etc... Prayer works!! Instead of a 3-4+ hour surgery, it was 1.5 hours and my doctor was already out and talking to my parents with all good news! After 3 years of constant headaches, I woke up for the first time with no pain! I was up walking without any help the next morning. I went back to work full time working with toddlers at a daycare with NO restrictions in a week and a half! I love telling this testimony every chance I get because prayer works!! Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work right away, but it’s just another example of Him having his own plan! 10 months later, I’m still headache free, other than “normal” headaches that don’t last long. Praise God!!!

Janet on 12.29.18, 12:35 PM

I have been listening to Family Life for over ten years now and it is all that I listen to. I found you when I needed a constant in my life when the church that I grew up in was in the middle of transition. A few years ago I was in a dark place and thought about hurting myself and was feeling sorry for myself. I was afraid of being a disappointment to my parents for still being single and for feeling alone. One day while driving home from work and you signal was getting stronger, Sonny told me that I am not alone and that Christ is always with me. I will always be grateful for that reminder. I know that I will never be alone and need to remind myself of that fact quite often. The music is also a source of comfort for me. You seem to know what to play when I need to hear it. I can't imagine my life without Family Life. God Bless all of you.

Charlene Cook on 01.31.19, 3:59 PM

I drive school bus for the Albion school district and I received this comment from a parent from one of my students on FB! This is one of the reasons why I play your station on the bus! I pray that God is heard while the students are on my bus! Thanks for all you do and God bless!
“Tonight’s serenade from Leah’s room. ☺️❤️❤️❤️ She heard it on the bus today and wanted to listen again. Thanks Charlene Loveless Cook for letting your light shine on your bus! We appreciate it more than you know

Pastor Mike Miosi on 02.05.19, 10:47 AM

I love the ministry of Family Life. A couple of my closest pastor friends and I have gone to the pastor's breakfast up there a few times. In fact, it was our initial trip to that together that started our relationship. Now, we are super close. We pray together, meet up for lunch and workout together. In addition to that connection, I listen to Family Life regularly.

Dan on 02.25.19, 11:39 AM

My life hit rock bottom a number of years back. I had nothing to live for. I grew up in a cult religion all my life. There were lots of hypocrites in that religion. I was disassociated from that religion and looking for a reason to continue living. I felt that God existed but I was not sure. Once I hit rock bottom in my life, I did not want to live anymore. I decided to pray for a year saying "God, if you are real let me know, in Jesus name amen". I prayed this every day. If within a year I had no answer I would end my life due to there was no reason to continue living in this terrible world. One morning when getting ready for work I decided to turn on the radio and came across your station FLN and heard the "Morning Show" with John and Denny. As they talked I realized they were Christians and FLN was a Christian radio station. At that time I HATED Christians and turned off the radio. I did however turned on the radio to hear the morning show humor of John & Denny. A few months went by and one day I realized I was leaving the station on all day. I started to listen to the programming and realized I did not disagree with what was being said by Dr. David Jeremiah and others. I was still praying "God if You exist let me know". To make a long story short, I sent in $25. to your station since it was listener supported and sent a letter with the $25. saying that "I hate you, but maybe God was working on me". One of your employees sent me a book on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I read it and my mind was unblocked, I started to understand what Jesus was about and what Christians were about. 6 months later I came to one of your Sharafons, over 100 mile drive then, and went inside your facility, still feeling you were my enemy. Once inside I found my fears unfounded and I enjoyed my visit. When I left that day I knew I was on a path to a new life which had meaning. It took me almost another 6 months to go inside of a church to learn about our great God. Now I have been baptized for almost 12 years and regularly attend church. From being addicted to prescription drugs, a street fighter and almost killing two men, a drunk, waking up in an ICU many times from overdosing and being told God must have a reason for me still being alive, I now have a new reason for living. I think God has used your radio station, FLN, to show me He is alive and giving me a reason to live. Thank You for all you do.

Kathy Mason on 03.08.19, 7:49 AM

I am so thankful for your radio station and that I can listen to it through the internet while sitting at my desk at work. It is such a blessing and keeps me focused on God. The morning show, music and teaching are just what I need to get me through the day. Thank you.

Kristi Reed on 03.23.19, 7:33 AM

I am learning to get out of Gods way and let Him show ppl things that he has shown me instead of trying to convince ppl of things, I am doing this by pondering the things that He has shared with me in my heart, like Mary did



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