Rick Snavely / Chief Executive Officer, President | email

Rick Snavely

Rick counts it a privilege to serve as President and CEO of Family Life. Frankly, he did not see himself ending up as the organization’s chief fundraiser when he first got started in radio programming - a job he could have done for the rest of his life. However, what motivated Rick into ministry leadership was his pure desire to do what God wanted.

Rick was barely three years old when his parents moved to New York to begin the ministry in 1957. Just ask Rick about his childhood memories. He will tell you what a blessing it was to have grown up in a family where serving Christ came as naturally as eating and sleeping. Because of that, Rick’s trust and faith in the Lord has grown exponentially as he has seen God miraculously work and provide for Family Life.

When Rick was in high school, he felt the Lord directly calling him to be part of Area Youth for Christ, the ministry started by his dad. Rick always considered his father. Dick (who is now with the Lord) a hero, and Rick watched his dad serve God with joy, passion, and excitement - very contagious things. Rick wanted that and sensed God leading him back to the ministry after college. He never imagined that God would give him the honor of managing Family Life - a ministry that has been blessed beyond comprehension.

When Rick turned 50, he asked God what He wanted to do with the rest of his life. The Lord’s response was simple:  I want to use you to help the ministry of Family Life reach as many people as possible with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. Rick then rededicated his life to following the call set before him.

Rick loves to brag on his wife, Sherri - his best friend, number one consultant, and love of his life. He thanks God all the time for knowing exactly what he needed in a companion. She is far better a woman than he deserves ... and he will tell you that! They are blessed with two great children and their spouses and one granddaughter.  Their son Chad and daughter-in-law Kasey live in Nashville and are proud parents of daughter Mila.  Their daughter Rachelle and son-in-law Justin, live in St. Louis. Gibson, their wonderful Golden Retriever is a big part of the family as well.

What does Rick love more than God, family, and radio? Not much, but yard work is on that list. Can you believe it? It is true that landscaping can be fun and rewarding work. And after playing in the dirt all day, Rick appreciates the occasional muscle ache that follows some good physical labor. Hey, it beats the occasional headache after office work!

Jeff Harmon / Chief Operating Officer | email

Jeff Harmon

Jeff is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the ministry, bringing a positive influence to employees, and ensuring that each ministry department has what it needs to succeed. Jeff's biggest responsibility is to support the president of Family Life, and Jeff regards that responsibility as a high calling.

What does Jeff love? Well, for starters he loves people. As Chief Operating Officer, he works directly with every staff person at Family Life, addressing concerns and requests, and making sure everyone knows and understands the vision, core values, and culture of the organization.  He loves anything with tomatoes and tomato sauce too, (just in case you need to know).

Before joining Family Life, Jeff worked for his dad's business doing construction work for over 27 years. He started in maintenance, working his way up until he started running departments and meeting with customers. During this time, Jeff also served churches as worship director and administrator. The last church he served was Northgate Church in Batavia as Director of Operations.

Jeff met Rick Snavely, the president of Family Life, in 2003, while raising funds to bring a Family Life radio signal to Titusville, PA. After meeting Rick, Jeff had a strange feeling - now he knows it was the power of the Holy Spirit - that someday he'd be working with Rick at Family Life.  Jeff believes that all the previous work years were “training years” as the Lord knew exactly where he was headed and what he would need to know.  God is good!

Jeff and his wife, Shari, live in Bath, NY, and are the parents of Nathan in Titusville, PA and Neil, in Berlin, Germany. They have three grandchildren and enjoy life to the fullest!

Dick Snavely / Founder

Dick SnavelyDick wanted to own a business from as far back as he can remember.  As a kid he sold shoe strings, seeds, and magazine subscriptions to people in the neighborhood.  Before the days of vending machines, Dick's dad made a wagon for selling soda and chocolate milk, which he sold to local factory workers.  Each week he divided his profits and made plans to grow his business.  God was at work, teaching Dick about his gifts at a very young age, for very good reasons.

Dick graduated from Bob Jones University in 1954 and got his first job as a film evangelist for the Billy Graham organization.  After much traveling with the ministry, Dick got tired of being away from home.  So to stay closer to family, he became a pastor of a small non-denominational church in the coal fields of West Virginia.  However, shortly after accepting the position, a power struggle broke out in the church, and Dick was asked to leave.

Wounded and broken hearted, he sought another place to serve the Lord with his gifts and talents.  In 1957 he met with a group of pastors who were anxious for someone to organize a youth ministry in the Finger Lakes region of Western NY.  With his passion for ministry and a head for business, Dick jumped at the opportunity.  That's how Area Youth for Christ was born.  Dick loved working with youth, and as YFC grew, so did his passion for spreading the Gospel.  Dick renamed the company Family Life and built a Christian radio network, FLN, to get the word out.  After directing Family Life for nearly fifty years, Dick stepped down and the Board of Directors appointed his son, Rick, president and CEO.  Dick said it's the third best decision he's made, next to accepting Christ and marrying his wife!

After stepping down from the CEO position in 2002, Dick served Family Life as Chief Financial Officer for 13 years. On Sunday, June 11, 2017, Dick went to be with the Lord. He is now rejoicing in God’s presence, continuing to give Jesus all the glory.

Dick is survived by his wife, Jackie, who lives in Avoca, NY, with their four children and eleven grandchildren. Dick would say one of the most amazing blessings of his life was watching all his kids come to know Christ.