Creative Services Staff

Jon Twining / Director of Marketing | email

Jon works at Family Life as a graphic designer, videographer, and photographer. He has been in the creative field for about 8 years designing and producing multimedia for radio, television, print and web.

Jon’s work history tells a rather interesting story. He held a position as a mass communications specialist in the US Navy for about 5 years, spending most of his time at the Naval Media Center in Rota, Spain, working in radio and TV broadcasting. While working in Spain, Jon co-hosted mornings for a Naval radio show, produced radio spots, and supervised the station’s work center. He also enjoyed a several month deployment to Bagram, Afghanistan, where he worked as a mid-day radio show host and production supervisor.

Upon returning to the States, Jon took a position as marketing manager and graphic designer for an Elmira-based manufacturing company. Unsatisfied with his career path, Jon prayed for new employment, hoping God would place him according to His will. Shortly thereafter, he visited Family Life’s website and found an almost perfectly suited job description for his qualifications as a media producer. (Jon was raised in a Christian home and grew up listening to Family Life.) He immediately applied for the position and the rest unfolded as both Jon and we had hoped!

Jon studied mass media communications and advertising art at Pennsylvania College of Technology. He lives in Elmira, N.Y. with his wife, Misty and son, Samuel. The family enjoys spending their free time together and has a special affinity for their pup, Vida – a German Shepherd they rescued while stationed in Spain.

Christian Bingham / Creative Services Assistant | email

Christian loves worship and has great memories of singing worship songs with his mom in church as a kid. He grew up in a Christian home in Franklinville, NY and spent many of his hours drawing, painting and enjoying the fine arts. He remembers accepting the Lord at 8 years-old, but as a young boy, didn’t quite understand all that it meant.

In his teen years, Christian discovered his love for graphic design. It was everything he loved about art except in digital form - no mess, easy clean up!  After high school, Christian chose to study Media and Visual Communications at Houghton College.

He remembers buying his first professional camera to help further his graphic design career and was instantly drawn to photography. “I loved the relational component of photography, he says. “The work got me out from behind a desk and connecting with people.”

With the thought of making photography a career, Christian began taking pictures of high school seniors, models, and weddings. He was determined to do whatever it took to keep his business afloat, even if it meant relocating to New York City to attract more business and grab a hold of success.

However, God had other plans. In 2017, Christian’s photography business fell apart. He had many questions: What was going on? Why had God taken away everything he had built? Now looking back, Christian can see God’s purposes with a clearer eye. The Lord was guiding and blessing all along, closing one door to open another.

Now with a deeper trust in the Lord and a new desire to live for Him, Christian rededicate his life to Christ again at age 23. In addition to photography and design, Christian finds great enjoyment in playing guitar, sports, and leading worship at his church.

Darcie Gore / Publicity Manager | email

Darcie works with local and regional media to get stories in the news about Family Life. Every day she talks with editors and reporters about what’s new with the ministry. Darcie also helps build positive relationships with media and community organizations, working to co-promote mutual causes for Christ. A wordsmith at heart, Darcie likes to write, especially about the Christian faith and her experiences with the Lord

Darcie came to Family Life in 2007 from Rochester, New York.  Caught up in corporate-America, she joined the marketing world after college, doing public relations work for companies like Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, and Citizens Bank.  After four years in the business, little job satisfaction, and no real happiness, Darcie hit the brakes. Is this it?

One evening a friend invited her to church. The worship there stirred her heart for God for the first time. The experience was life-changing and Darcie went in search of ministries in need of marketing staff.  As God would have it, Family Life was the place.  The ministry decided to hire a Publicity Director the very same day Darcie called about a job – God’s perfect timing. 

Darcie recieved her undergraduate in theater from Ithaca College. She’s played baseball most of her life and loves watching movies to unwind. Her most favorite way to spend time is being with her husband, Matt - the best thing in her life, besides the Lord Himself. They have one daughter, Olivia Rachel, whom they fondly call "Livvy Rae."