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Christmas Music

It's the season for celebrating Jesus' birth! Christmas music starts on Family Life the day after Thanksgiving and continues through Christmas to the end of the year. Rejoice with traditional carols, new songs celebrating the birth of Christ, and many seasonal favorites.  12/28, we'll return to 50% Christmas through New Year's Eve.  We will kick off 2021 with a Day of Praise and return to our regular programming on 1/2/21.

Looking for a more customized listening experience? Try one of two year-round online Christmas music streams. "A Family Life Christmas" combines multiple styles of Christmas music, past and present. "A Peaceful Christmas" plays mostly instrumental, easy listening tunes, and makes wonderful background music during the season. 


Family Hour Specials

It's been our pleasure for the past three decades to present creative and wholesome Christmas programs for the whole family to listen to together. So, turn off the TV, gather the family, and enjoy these classic stories on the Family Hour.

The Messiah Report
The Middle East. Political unrest… an oppressive government… heavy taxation… violent radical factions seeking the government’s overthrow… and freedom threatened by a foreign government because of a religious culture that refuses to bow to outside pressure to conform. It is a picture that could be cut from today’s news clippings of the Middle East. But this is a picture more than 2000 years old… the picture of Israel at the birth of its Messiah, Yeshua bar Joseph… the birth of Jesus, the Christ. History Live - The Messiah Report brings the reality of late breaking news to the troubled, exciting, and revolutionary time of birth of the Son of God. We join real people, in a real place and time as they watch prophecy unfold before their eyes. The past becomes the present as Family Life presents History Live – The Messiah Report as part of the Family Hour on Friday, November 27 at 7:30 PM.

To Seek The Child
Once again Family Life is bringing back this Moody Broadcasting production that has been a staple in our Christmas programming for a number of years. It is a dramatic story of Manassa, a Roman centurion, who is confronted with the reality of the birth of the Messiah. He is torn between two worlds as he is asked to prove his allegiance to the king by killing all the babies born in the past two years while at the same time realizing that the baby Jesus is indeed the Messiah. This will be aired in two parts during the Family Hour on Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1. Both sections will begin at 7:35 PM as Family Life concludes its special Christmas programming

The Shepherds' Prayer
A young man, orphaned as a baby, sets off to discover the truth about the circumstances of his birth, the fate of his parents, and his heritage. Having been raised in a culture where bloodlines mean everything, he seems forever condemned to live as an outsider on the fringes of society until he discovers his true heritage. His only clue is a cryptic message on a lambskin blanket about a child born in a stable in Bethlehem. Who is this mysterious child? And what could such a child have to do with his own birth and destiny? The answers will change his life forever…and maybe yours. This exciting radio drama is based on the book by Richard Barry and adapted for radio by Dave Arnold, Executive Producer of Adventures in Odyssey. Take a journey to Bethlehem and experience the birth and life of Jesus Christ in a fresh and thought-provoking way. The Shepherds’ Prayer will be broadcast during the Family Hour on three successive nights: Wednesday, December 2, Thursday, December 3, and Friday, December 4 beginning at 7:30.

Christmas by Injuction
A short story from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s, “Traveling Home for Christmas”, Christmas by Injunction by famous short story writer O. Henry, tells of a prospector who comes into some money and decides to play Santa for his home town. You will be warmed by the kindness of one individual as he seeks to bring Christmas to the children. The dramatic creation of O. Henry’s short story will be aired during the Family Hour on Monday, December 7 at 7:35 PM

Joy to the World
Everyone knows Christmas Carols, but not everyone knows the stories behind them. Mr. Jacobs and the Kids Corner kids are getting ready to go out into the neighborhood and spread some Christmas cheer, and a new visitor has come to join them! It is Joy’s cousin, Noel, but she is not so sure there is much joy in the world, or peace on earth for that matter. Join us as Mr. Jacobs explains what the Bible has to say about these things and more! This brand-new Family Life production will be aired on Tuesday, December 8 at 7:40 PM!

Candle In The Window
This is a production from Lamplighter Theater. Candle in the Window is the story of Tully who wants more than anything to make his teacher smile. But no one knows that Miss Ravenstow is trying to escape the pain from her past. No one, that is, except for Tod the mailman, who holds in his hands something far more valuable than a special delivery. This Christmas the entire family can be inspired with a story that makes love real, that brings hope home, that points us all to the Light of the World. This exciting relatively new feature will be heard over three nights during the Family Hour, on Wednesday, December 9, Thursday, December 10, and Friday, December 11. Each episode begins at 7:30 PM.

All is Well
This is a classic work by Frank Peretti. All is Well is the story of a little girl in a single-parent home. She wants so desperately to make some money so that her mother will not feel badly about not having a good Christmas. She tries to sell older odds and ends to the neighbors, but they are not interested in buying until one man changes everything. You’d better have the tissue box handy when listening to this story! All is Well can be heard as part of the Family Hour on Monday, December 14 at 7:40 PM.

The Shoemaker's Gift
Russian novelist Count Leo Tolstoy, known for masterpieces such as “War and Peace” wrote a number of short stories also. One of his most endearing stories is one that has been given many names. Shoemaker Martin embodies the message of the season that the greatest gift is the one that’s given from the heart. It’s a heartwarming story of how everyone can use the gift that God has given them to encourage others. Listen to this Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production on the Family Hour Tuesday, December 15 at 7:30 PM.

You Are There
This dramatic, Lamplighter Theater production will once again be part of Family Life Christmas programming during the Family Hour. You Are There is an audio re-enactment of the very first Christmas. Experience the birth of Jesus, the shepherds, the wisemen and even some events of Jesus as a young boy as if you were right on the scene. Feel the personal touch of what Mary and Joseph experienced from the announcement by Gabriel to the birth of Jesus to the hiding from Herod. It will be aired three nights in-a-row on Wednesday, December 16, Thursday, December 17, and Friday, December 18. The first two programs begin at 7:30 PM with the Wednesday edition beginning at 7:40.

Holding Heaven
Taken from Jerry Jenkins’ book, Holding Heaven focuses on two conversations, 30 years apart, between the most celebrated person in history, Jesus, and his earthly father, Joseph. In the first, the father tells the son the details of his birth. God has invaded earth in the most unlikely place and under the most unusual of circumstances. In the second, the son tells the father – now on his deathbed – what is to come. Miracles will turn many from darkness to light. Yet how painful for the father to learn what the enemy will do with the very raw materials with which he has fashioned his living. An instant classic, two audio segments of Holding Heaven will be heard on the Family Hour on Monday, December 21 and Tuesday, December 12 at 7:30 PM.


Online Programs

Stream these beloved theatrical productions from years past, any time you like!



A Christmas Carol
Listen Now

Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic takes on a fresh flavor in this touching family radio drama from the producers of "Focus on the Family Radio Theatre." True to the original content of Dickens' masterpiece, this presentation vividly contrasts the age-old struggle between earthly gain and eternal treasure. As the stirring story unfolds, you and your family will be challenged anew to examine your own hearts, and re-evaluate where your treasure really is.

Midnight Clear
Listen Now

Christmas is a joyful time spent with family, but what if you don’t have one? What if Christmas Eve is the anniversary of the worst event in your life? Midnight Clear, written by Jerry Jenkins and distributed in audio by Oasis Audio, has an eclectic cast: A middle-aged man who’s just lost his job; the owner of a run-down gas station having to work the holiday; a lady well past her prime with no reason to live; a mother who'll do anything for her son; and a struggling youth pastor who’s lost his zeal. When the paths of these five intersect, nothing will ever be the same.

The Christmas Shoes
Listen Now

The Christmas Shoes has become one of the many seasonal favorites on Family Life. It is an extraordinary tale based on the #1 hit single of the same name. The audio book has mesmerized listeners and has captured the hearts of thousands. This Macmillan Audio production is read by Paul Michael and depicts a chance meeting on Christmas Eve of Robert, a successful attorney who has everything in life - and nothing at all, and Nathan, an eight-year-old who is losing his mother to cancer. The Christmas Shoes is a tale of how God’s power can shape and even save our lives.

The Christmas Blessing
Listen Now

Author Donna VanLiere continues The Christmas Shoes with The Christmas Blessing. Young Nathan Andrews, the child who lost his mother, is now a medical student in his third year. Nathan realizes there are still things to be learned about faith and sacrifice. These are lessons he will learn from a young woman born with a hole in her heart, and from a young boy named Charlie who a lives a life of true courage. The Christmas Blessing, a Macmillan Audio production, is read by Oliver Wyman, and is an inspiring story about hope in the darkest place, and love being the greatest gift.

The Christmas Candle
Listen Now

In this exciting story by Max Lucado and published by Oasis Audio, The Christmas Candle takes the listener on a journey to a small English village where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens – except at Christmas time. That's when a mysterious angel suddenly appears in a lowly candle maker's shop – when the holy and the human collide in a way that only God could imagine. Glowing bright with a timeless message, The Christmas Candle will warm your heart with a surprising reminder of God's bountiful love. The Christmas Candle is dramatically read by Greg Whalen.


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