Current Prayer Requests

Week of 1.18.2021
Pray for the family of paramedic D who lost his battle with Covid last week.
My granddaughter was born traumatically January 5th, 11 days ago. She suffered lack of oxygen for an unknown amount of time and has suffered significant brain damage. 
We are praying for a miracle and asking that others hold her up in prayer.  we are in Rochester Galisano Childrens hospital.

Thank you and God bless you all!
I'd like prayer because on Tuesday-1/12/21, I found out that I had lost my unborn child in the womb. I felt devastated but in the days since, I have dug deeper into God's word and I feel so much better. I did reach out to a few friends, some being pastors and some just regular people, but all have gave me support in some way or another and have had a hand in me feeling better. I am not sure, where to go from here, but I will trust that God has a plan and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven and someday, I will be re-united with my unborn child and will have many things to share. 
Over the years my husband has become increasingly paranoid and verbally/emotionally abusive (bad enough that I had begun to make mental plans about what it would take to leave safely), and had also become entangled again to substance abuse and porn.  About a month ago, after being confronted by his discovered drug use and abusive behavior towards me and our children he confessed and has been actively seeking help. On his own he approached our church elders, his boss, and various Christian friends and has even entered counseling.  And I felt a glimmer of hope for the first time in a long time.  He is sober right now, and says he is no longer viewing porn, however his obsession with his paranoid conspiracies has continued to grow.  Last night he expressed that he is leaving our church (of 13 years where we are both members) because he doesn’t hold the same beliefs - because he now rejects the Trinity (and claims he has always felt this way?  This is NOT the man I married)!  From what I can tell he has fallen into Gnosticism, which is appears to be a requisite for die-harm Trump believers, which my husband has become, who believe that Trump is chosen if God to send codes to his people about a big revival and a storm and a lot of other secret knowledge.  I am utterly heartbroken, confused, and so worried for my young children and how he does not simply reject God but actively promotes heresy.  I don't know how to be a godly wife to him.  It makes me want to vomit when I hear him speak heresies.  I feel so lost and hurt and I don't understand why God allows this and why I am married to him.  I hate that I am bound to this man.  I hate that he is the father of my children. And I miss the man that I married - I feel quite hopeless that I will ever see him again.  I am essentially raising a toddler and infant alone in a house with a man that rejects God and spends 99% of his time pursing politics and Gnosticism alone in his home office, occasionally he come out and eats a meal with us.  He doesnt even sleep in the same room as me anymore, I now share my bed with my two daughters.  He is systematically cutting out of his life every Christian person that lovingly rejects his heresies and points him towards Truth.  Please, please pray for him, and for me, and for our daughters.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I pray to find a job and my calling, restore my marriage, get back to sleep, stop lying, get healthy and find divine wisdom! I pray to find accommodation and a job, be blessed!    As he continues to ask for prayer to fix his life,  Pray for this man's salvation; that he will understand how to make right choices!
My brother-in-law has been fighting leukemia since August 2019 and COVID with pneumonia since mid-December. He has been reintubated and sedated since January 13th. In addition, he is now on 24 hours a day dialysis and more antibiotics. Please pray for him, his daughter, his son-in-law, and his four grandchildren to have comfort, strength, and peace. He is a Christian. thank you
Please pray for my adult sons to confess repent and return to Lord. Pray for my oldest son to stop living with his girlfriend Please pray for miracle breakthrough. Pray for my sons to hear and receive the gospel. Pray for good health and hedge of protection over my husband and sons. Pray for my job and school. Thank you 
Please pray for my niece she is broken hearted over her break up.. Thank You!!!


God, heal my brother of MS. And bless m. Heal our relationship. Help her to be healthy and happy and safe. 


Pls continue to pray for my son to be a Godly man. TY
Please please pray for 3 poor pets - a tricolor cat that is very friendly, and gingerwhite cat and a small dog that have lost their owner. There is very little time, this shelter euthanizes the animals, so pray for them to be rescued from this shelter and get adopted very soon. Thank you

 Asking for prayers as my dear friend enters her final days of battling cancer before going home to Jesus. She is dealing with everything well. Her husband needs prayers for strength & acceptance. Because of the prevalence of covid, I can't be there for them, nor do they have family close by; they're in FL, and we're all in NY. Please pray for their peace and to feel our love, in Jesus's name. AMEN 


Please pray that I will have a new remote job asap that is better in terms of pay and position than all my past jobs in Jesus mighty name amen.


Please pray for my health and healing of my illness, I need a miracle. And please pray for my another request tool


I'd like to ask for prayers for a coworker who was hit by a snow mobile while she was cross country skiing and had to undergo surgery for a broken leg.