Current Prayer Requests

Week of 02.17.2020
God bless M. God protect her and keep her safe. Help her to be healthy and successful. Heal our relationship and bring us reconciliation. I will always be there for her no matter what. 
My husband has severe headache and eye pain. He can't even move. Is in bed whenever he can. Hi doctors appt isn't for another 5 days. Thank I know Jesus heals.
Please pray for me,I lost my mother(passed away) & best friend& need to find another place to live.Also for my healthy& safety,as I'm living with my brother who has some serious mental health/demonic issues.Basically-Romans 1:28-1:32.God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do that which is not convenient. 
Dear Man of God,    Please pray for child A, he is in ICU and in very serious condition. Please pray in the name of Holy Jesus Christ for his healing ,good health & Long Life.
My dad has Prostate cancer and he has to go on a chemotherapy medicine because its beginning to spread again.  Please keep my family in prayer during this time.
I have had 3 surgeries on my left eye.   Vision is very blurry and very sensitive to light.  I am asking for COMPLETE healing of my eye.   Thankyou!


Pray for his wife who is is prison charged with neglect of elderly patients.  She has cancer
Asks for prayer for situation with the wife he wishes to import to the USA, is worried about her ex-boyfriends, government issues, etc.
Praise report for my college freshman for turning his life around & embracing God!  Praying he will have balance of school work for the competitive PT program he got early admittance to (a gift from God) & doing "Kingdom work."  He is enjoying the latter more the last two weeks doing it constantly. (which I know is great!) Thank you....
Please pray for me, was fired last night. I applied for unemployment benefits.
Please pray for my sister... she will have surgery Monday 24 Feb. thyroid removed. She has several health issues. We know and trust our LORD!!! We are much more than sisters we are best friends. Thank You Family Life.


Glory to God Father and His Son Jesus Christ my King and yours. All my thanks for king Jesus who paid the ultimate price for my salvation. I'm grateful the light in darkness. And for the doors Jesus has opened in my life! My prayer is for my relationship God to improve and if there is something wrong that God will reveal it to me. If it is me then please pray the Lord God will reveal it to me. Please pray I will always be in His hands and remain in His heart and grow deeper in relationship whatever it takes. In Jesus name amen
I just found out that I am going to need mitral valve repair surgery in my heart. I will be turning 39 this month and am just shook by this news. I believe in the power of prayer and know that's what I need the most. I know God has a plan, is the great physician and healer, He is so good and is in control. To be real honest I am fighting the flesh with having to walk through this, just being so scared with the "what if's" and concerns for my husband and two daughters clouding my mind. Please pray for huge faith, total healing, a closer walk with the Lord and leading to the right surgeon.
Actually please pray for anything else that the Lord may lay on your heart to pray. Thank you so much