Current Prayer Requests

Week of 4.14.14

My son, Connor, was diagnosed with NF1 shortly after birth. He, in his short four years of life has already undergone chemotherapy for tumors on his optic nerves. The treatment initially worked, but an MRI this year showed they are growing back. He is beginning to take Braille lessons in preparation for what the doctors say is to come. Please pray for healing for Connor, and strength for us as parents. Thank you.


Please pray for this family from my home church in NY state. You can find their story at


My son Christopher and his fiancé Lindsay and little boy Carter were in a horrific accident last month. Lindsay did not survive and is with Jesus. Chris & Carter were sent to different hospitals and were in critical condition. We have seen God's hand upon their healing physically so far. Chris still has no idea what happened. He is starting to wake and I will have to tell him soon. I pray for his heart. A very big concern is that Chris and Carter love each other so much but I fear the biological father who is now in control will not let Chris be in his life. Lindsay and Carter were the loves of his life.


I'd like to have prayer for my sons and daughter and a request for the Christian woman I have been directed by the Lord to break up with from a dating site. I'm doing ok but I am asking God to be with her in a real way through the Holy Spirit. Her name is Sophie. God bless you and thanks so much.


 Please pray for me to have a clear and sharp mind. Please pray for me to have much success and a long and stable employment. Please pray for me to overcome adversities and have equality and respect from my boss. I pray for health, strength, protection and harmony.