Current Prayer Requests

Week of 9.29.14

My wife has filed for divorce and I am asking for God's healing Power to overcome her.


I am asking for prayers for my dad - an 80 year old man who was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of this year. Besides the lungs the cancer is also in the chest cavity, the right rib, the abdomen and the tailbone. He's in pain which nothing seems to be helping it. And his mindset isn't good at all. This is almost as bad, if not as bad, as the cancer. We worry about my mom as well as she's with and around him 24/7. She's also 80 and has some health issues of her own. Thank you all so much.


Please pray for healing for my right arm and shoulder that I will have FULL mobility. I am also having dental issues...and lack of funds.


Please pray for my daughter. She pushes people away. She listens and believes in the wrong people instead of the people who love her the most. Me, her dad, brother and her boyfriend love her so much. Please pray for her.