Current Prayer Requests

Week of 7.21.14

We moved to a new place. On the last day of the move we had a car accident. Lost the vehicle. Now we have no vehicle. The accident was a miracle in itself. Car totaled no one hurt. But we need financial miracle to get a vehicle. We have been getting help with transportation but wearing out that option . Need answer/solution very soon. We know He is the answer!


Please pray for me and my family, especially my nephews Tracy and Terrell. Thank you and God Bless.


I moved away from the area 11 years ago. Every year I come back to visit family and friends, as a matter of fact I'm here visiting now. For a few years now I've been wanting to move back and have been praying about it. Last week my sister and I drove by a house we lived in when we were young and it's for sale. I didn't get the number and was supposed to leave last night but things happened with my train so I’m not leaving until Monday. I told my nephew to pray and ask God to help us move back here. Now I have a couple more days to get the number for the house. I'm asking for prayer for God to continue to help us with this, my husband is the only one working right now and he stresses about everything so need prayer for him and finances to move here.