Youtheatre Gives Back

07.24.14 | Darcie Gore

rice bowlsRice Bowls is on a mission to feed and nurture orphan children worldwide. The ministry does this by turning pocket change into food. How?  The answer is found in - you guessed it! - rice bowls.

The bowls are distributed to kids (and adults) for collecting loose change. Coins in your back pocket, between your couch cushions, and on the car floor can quickly add up to considerable sums!

We are proud to announce that students who participated in Family Life's Youtheatre Workshops this year have raised over $4,000 for Rice Bowls!

Congratulations, drama students!  We applaud our parents, too, for encouraging their kids to be a part of God’s call to feed the hungry. May your families be blessed as you bless the world with your generous giving.

…Let us not love with words or tongue
but with actions and in truth...
1 John 3:18

Rice Bowl Totals 2014

Bath - Week 1 Workshop

Dubois Workshop

Binghamton Workshop

Bemus Point Workshop

Bath - Week 2 Workshop

Sub-total thus far: