Wilburs Walk

04.07.10 | Darcie Schwarz

Wilbur2Wilbur Shultz from Millport, NY is out for a walk today… a 50-mile walk! Wilbur, nearly 69-years-old, has made it his mission to support Family Life’s Sharathon by walking 50 miles from his hometown in Millport to the ministry’s headquarters in Kanona.

That might sound risky on a few levels, but Wilbur isn’t without a plan. He’s leaving early Thursday morning to walk more than half the journey. No highway walking, of course. The back roads are much safer and legal for pedestrians. A retired Town of Millport Public Works employee, Shultz knows roads like the back of his hand. Also for safety reasons, Wilbur's son will be checking in via cell phone every few hours.

As far as supplies go, Wilbur’s traveling light - just a rain jacket and water in a small backpack. He'll be picked up Thursday night in either Painted Post or Savona for a decent night sleep and then hitting the road again Friday morning to finish what amounts to almost two marathons. Last we talked, Wilbur didn’t have a solid arrival time - life on the road can be variable! - but he’s expecting to be at Family Life sometime Friday afternoon. Our staff is very much looking forward to having Wilbur here! In the meantime, he’ll be receiving plenty of pledges and prayers.

Wilbur hopes to raise $1,000 in pledges for Family Life. If you’d like to sponsor Wilbur’s walk, click here to give any amount.

Wilbur's Testimony!  Listen Below!

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