Why Performing Arts

12.15.08 |

BioSandyBA sea parts at the lifting of staff, saving an exodus of slaves.

A single stone from a boy's slingshot kills a giant.

A blinding light and unseen voice stops a murderous religious zealot... and turns him into a champion of faith

A single star in the sky lead wise men laden with treasure to worship a baby boy found in a manger.

Is there any question that we serve a dramatic God?  When God wrote a book, He didn't fill it with philosophy or intellectual arguments... He filled it with stories of faith - and failure - written into the lives of those He created.  God is the great storyteller, communicating truth and life with every word written in His book - but He did more than that.  He brought truth and life into human flesh when His own Son was born in the tiny town of Bethlehem.  No greater story has ever been told than the one that takes us from Creation to the Cross. 

At  Family Life we have a passion to creatively express the truth with all that the Performing Arts have to offer.  Bringing stories to life on the stage... exploring the "theater of the mind" on the radio... training and teaching both youth and adults with music, movement and acting how to tap into their God-given creativity to dimensionally express the reality of Jesus Christ.  We serve a dramatic God with our bodies... our voices... and our imaginations - all through the medium of the performing arts.  And we count it a privilege and blessing to do so.