Whoville Is Coming To Town

03.30.12 | Darcie Schwarz

seussicalleadsThe imaginative world of Dr. Seuss’ is coming to life on May 4-6 with Seussical Jr. - this year's youth theatre production! The cast is made up of over 60 kids and teens, some as young as eight years old. These young protégés, along with dozens and dozens of parent volunteers, have worked hard preparing the show. They've studied singing, dancing, and stage presentation alongside our performing arts staff for over 10 weeks!

The story of Seussical Jr. surrounds the mysteries of Whoville, a microscopic world filled with tiny inhabitants called Whos. Horton the Elephant, a determined and faithful character, is faced with a litany of obstacles as he endeavors to protect the strange world. Not only must he protect the people of Whoville from a jungle full of naysayers and dangers, but Horton also must guard an abandoned egg left to his care by Lazy Mayzie LaBird. Although Horton is kidnapped and faces ridicule, the courageous Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him.

"Seussical is ultimately about the powers of friendship, loyalty and community,” said Robbie Lindmark, the director. “It’s really encouraging to see the kids want to use their abilities for God’s glory and not their own fame or praise.”

The show is narrated by the mischievous, Cat in the Hat, who sets up each scene while encouraging Jojo throughout the play—a little boy with a big imagination. Other characters include, the sassy Sour Kangeroo and the "up to no good" Wickersham Brothers, whose peculiar lives and multi-colored costumes bring the Jungle of Nool to life!

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