Wheels For The World

04.21.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life is once again partnering with Joni and Friends to help provide restored wheelchairs for disabled people in developing countries. Each year, Wheels for the World collects and restores thousands of used wheelchairs that are sent to over 20 million people worldwide.

Last year we collected over 600 chairs with the help of Family Life listeners and supporters, and over 4200 chairs in total over the past six years. Wow, thank you for your support! These practical devices will make a dramatic difference in the quality of life of thousands of handicapped individuals who are waiting for help from overseas.  Even more importantly, the Gospel is shared with each chair delivery, which shows the cause and power of Christ in action.

This year, Family Life will be collecting collapsible (non-electric) wheelchairs at eight different collection sites between May 20 and May 23.  (Download these locations here.)  The drive does not accept electric wheelchairs for the handicapped.  To make donating more convenient, you also can drop-off wheelchairs before collection week at several other locations locally.

(Click here for drop off sites).

Please keep in mind that Wheels for the World is only collecting collapsible, foldable, non-electric wheelchairs. The wheel chair drive is not in need of walkers, standers, or geriatric chairs this year. Those needs already have been met from previous years.

Thank you again for all your amazing support. Getting involved with this worthy cause means bringing simple joys of mobility and independence to people in need.  It also means more opportunities to spread the Gospel worldwide.  If you have any questions, please call Family Life at 800-927-9083.

Click to hear more about this year's Wheels for the World! News Director Bob Price speaks with Announcer Justin Dix.