Welcome Rachelle Renee

07.23.10 | Darcie Schwarz

BioRachelleRachelle Renee has made the move to Family Life's morning show from 6-9 am with Kurt and Jean. Another early bird joins the team! 

You may already be acquainted with Rachelle's voice. She's been a weekend host since Spring and just this week made the switch to mornings. We hope you'll enjoy having her warm, charming personality on the morning show. (Not like Kurt and Jean aren't sensitive enough guys.)   

Rachelle previously worked for Spirit 102.3FM (KKCM) in Tulsa Oklahoma. (Yes, a sweet southern belle recently turned New-Yorker!)  Prior to joining KKCM, Rachelle worked for 100.9FM (KXOJ), another contemporary Christian station in Tulsa.

Another fun tid-bit on Rachelle... she's a theater graduate of Oklahoma University who has acted in quite a few TV commercials. Knowing her love for the stage, there's a chance Rachelle may appear in a Family Life dinner theater somewhere down the line!