To Save A Life

05.10.10 | Darcie Schwarz

High school is hard. Most of us know because we've been there. It's alarming to think how the pressures and dangers have increased over the years. In an effort to reach out to teens, Family Life will be showing the indie-film To Save A Life on Saturday, May 15 at 7 pm. Admission is free.

This movie takes a realistic view of teen life and addresses themes of acceptance, choices, consequences, hurt, and love. It also deals with critical issues such as social divisions, school violence, cutting, suicide, underage drinking, teen pregnancy and divorce. The film is rated PG-13, but Family Life is showing a church-friendly version minus the strong language and violence.

The movie tells a dramatic story about teenage culture and how reaching out to hurting teens could literally save a life. In the film, Jake and Roger were longtime childhood friends, but the harsh politics of high school quickly pulled them apart. Jake becomes a star athlete who has everything: popularity, a college scholarship, and the best-looking girl on campus. Meanwhile, rejected and alone, Roger makes a tragic move that spins Jake's world out of control. He commits suicide.

In a quest for answers, Jake finds himself reaching out to the unpopular kids at school, a move that threatens everything his world is based on. However, in the midst of hard times, Jake finds the answer to an important question: What do I want my life to be about?

Family Life staff members will lead a follow-up discussion after the movie to explore themes and questions with honest dialogue in a safe environment. Please reserve tickets at no charge by calling 800.927.9083.

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