Thank You

07.15.10 | Darcie Schwarz

From all of us at Family Life, thank you. Thank you for praying and financially supporting the one-day Sharathon on July 14. We had an incredible time on the radio and off. Hundreds of people called the ministry with one-time donations; each person a child of God with a heart for Kingdom expansion. The generosity, love and gratitude were bigger than the hearts we carry. How shall we say it?  “Our cup runneth over.”

As a staff member answering calls and recording donations, I (Darcie) listened as people shared their hearts and stories, their hurts and triumphs. Yes, each had a faith promise that motivated their call, but oh my goodness, God had WAY MORE in mind than fundraising activities. He wanted to connect people with people. He was after unity and fellowship between Family Life staff and the people we serve.

On the phone, I listened as the Saints of God shared their hearts and minds during the fundraiser. They were people I'd never met before however instantly bonded with as a result of loving Jesus Christ. Christianity is amazing. Meeting someone new is like meeting an adult brother or sister you had no idea existed. Wow, we're family! Spiritual connections between believers transcends blood lines, economic boundaries, social differences, or any other dividing thing.

One woman spoke about her husband passing away from cancer, while another had recently lost her job and needed more income to support the family. These two women were financially strapped but gave to Family Life anyway. “It didn’t matter,” they said. “It's about faithfulness. God will provide the means; he always has.” At that point, losing all concern for the length of my calls amidst a busy event, I asked to pray for them over the line. What a deep privilege that was.

My last caller was Kathy – a mom with an 11-year old son. In the middle of recording her faith promise, I heard her son asked if he could pray for Family Life on the phone… with me. Before I could squeal a delighted, “yes!” I heard a little voice through the receiver say, “Hi, I’m Carter.” He then proceeded to pray the most beautiful prayer for Family Life - our staff, the people in charge, and the five radio towers that God could use to expand the ministry.

Thank you, Carter. Thank you, Kathy. Thank you to all the callers who didn’t have enough but gave despite their situations. May God return your blessings 100-fold. Thank you for your financial support, your love, and your prayers. But most of all, thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for inspiring us. The stories we collected through the phones far outweighed any monetary value collected that day. Together you form the heart of Family Life. Praise the Lord on High for uniting His people in love.