Starbucks Instant Coffee Debuts Nationwide Today

09.29.09 | FL News Team

Starbucks is launching a new microground instant coffee this week, offering customers a taster's test to see if they can guess which of two products are the instant brand. CEO Howard Schultz says the nationwide launch of VIA Columbia Blend instant is the

company's biggest advertising investment since they started in 1971. Schultz says the instant coffee exceeded sales expectations in the test markets of Seattle, Chicago and London. Currently available at Target and Costco stores, Schultz says the new product will be released in new sales spots at REI, Barnes & Nobles and Office Depot.

 As part of the marketing campaign, Schultz says customers can taste test VIA and the Pike Place brew side by side, guessing which cup is the new microground instant coffee. As a reward for completing the test, which begins October 2 and runs through October 5, customers will receive a coupon for a free brewed tall coffee the next time they come in and one-dollar off a VIA purchase.