Stageworks In Endicott

08.23.10 | Darcie Schwarz

stageworkslogotwowebOkay theater fans, students and all-around drama enthusiasts. The Stageworks seminar is coming up in late September, and this year's agenda is brimming with interesting workshops, experienced speakers, teachers, and great entertainment.

In case you're unfamiliar with Stageworks, it's a two-day drama seminar that equips and trains adults and drama troupes in the areas of acting, improv, stagecraft, and costuming. We also include technical instruction on lighting, sound, and stage effects. 

On Friday night, a special performance will be given by Theater Off the Cuff, an improvisational comedy group that incorporates audience participation for a unique show every time. These guys are really funny. And better yet, they love God and use their sense of spontaneity to bring Him glory.

On Friday and Saturday, Jim Custer will talk about how to use the dramatic arts as a vehicle for communicating God and Christian beliefs. A nationally-known actor and voiceover talent, Jim toured for 15 years as the director of the comedic drama troupe, The Jeremiah People. In addition to writing and producing several plays and musicals, Jim voices characters for nationally syndicated radio shows like Adventures in Odyssey and The Last Chance Detectives, two well-rated radio dramas for kids.

Click here to register for Stageworks and view the seminar agenda. We hope to see you there!