Splash Lagoon

09.01.09 | Katie Bernier

  It’s September already! Wow, the summer has flown by in a flurry of activity for the Youth Action Department.  As the seasons change, so does YA. One of changes this fall season is that YA won’t be bringing back Splash Lagoon.  Splash Lagoon was an all night event, in Erie, PA at an indoor water park. The event was evangelistic in nature with churches and youth groups from all over the Family Life listening area gathering for a night of fun.  But there is a time and place for everything, and after much prayer and thought, we feel as a team that Splash Lagoon has finished its season.

There are two main reasons we will no longer be hosting Splash Lagoon.  One is the logistics, (cost, distance and effectiveness). Splash Lagoon takes a tremendous amount of resources and time to pull off. We began to ask if we could steward the resources God has given us with more wisdom and strategy.  The second reason is that YA is in the process of recasting its vision.  In the coming year, we will be placing more emphasis on discipleship and the building up of student, volunteer and full-time leaders in youth ministry. Our goal is to not only point teens to Christ, but to come alongside youth workers and help them do youth ministry in their own churches with greater impact.   We are excited about all new initiatives that help raise the bar of youth ministry across the whole region.

As with the end of every good thing, it is bittersweet to let Splash Lagoon go, but we are thrilled with the ideas and vision the Lord is giving us as we seek Him! Look for some new and exciting things as this season unfolds! If you have any specific questions, please email Katie at .