Rss Feeds For Quick Info

04.29.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life now offers RSS feeds for timely updates about what's going on here. Subscribing to our feed is an easy way of getting Family Life blog entries, news headlines, and articles the second they're published online.

(Not a media junkie? You're on your way. Keep reading.)

RSS is a way to be notified of updates to any blogs or sites that offer the RSS service. You simply get a reader, such as Google reader or Bloglines, and then subscribe to the update feeds of any sites you are interested in.

The simplest way to subscribe to our podcasts is through iTunes. Once set up, iTunes will automatically retrieve Family Life audio files the instant we put them online. 

To get Family Life podcasts using iTunes:

  • Download and install iTunes at
  • Subscribe to Family Life in iTunes under: Advance/Subscribe to Podcast
  • Paste this URL into subscription box:
  • Click the podcast icon in the iTunes sidebar to view subscriptions and check for downloads.
  • Double-click any file to play.

To get Family Life articles and blogs:

  • Go to Family Life's RSS feeds page at
  • Look for "Department Blog Feeds" and click on which ministry you want to "feed."
  • At the top of the page that opens, either use the drop down menu (in firefox) to select your favorite rss method or click "Subscribe to this feed" (explorer) to subscribe to an RSS feed.
  • Now every feed you subscribe to will send the updates to one place - your reader.

Already subscribe to an RSS reader? Then you know what to do. Enter the feed's URL into your reader, or click an "RSS" or "subscribe to me" icon in your browser that initiates the subscription process.

RSS feeds really do offer our visitors control, convenience, and time savings. We hope this makes your online experience with Family Life more positive.