Revolve Tour Update

12.17.09 | Katie Bernier

The Revolve Tour is a spinoff of the Woman of Faith conference and is geared toward teenage girls. Family Life transported a group of 32 girls to the event in Hartford, CT on December 4-6. The theme for the Revolve Tour was 4Real - God loves you, the Real you, 4 Real. Some of the speakers and artists that were on the tour were: Jenna Lucado (Max’s Lucado’s daughter) Chad Eastman, Austin from (Hoops of Hope), and Compassion International, Group One Crew, Stellar Cart, Britt Nicole, Revolve Praise band, Revolve Drama team, and many more.

The girls learned about how they can't really know who they are for Real until they understand who Jesus is for Real. Chad also spoke on how to understand guys, (a teen girl’s favorite topic) and how we present ourselves. Are we presenting ourselves as a treasure or a target? He also talked about how guys are like waffles and girls are like spaghetti. Guys tend to separate and compartmentalize things where, in a girl’s mind, everything is connected and affects everything else.

There were many positive messages the entire weekend. On the way home, we stopped at the Prime outlets shopping mall in Lee, MA and shopped for three hours!


We are praising God, and are completely blown away by the weekend. From a logistical stand point, we have never been on a bus trip that went so smoothly. The girls were prompt and incredible. They bonded and helped each other immensely.

This is how one girl from Pennsylvania described the trip:

“Thank you for such an awesome trip. It wasn't what I expected it to be, it was more amazing then what I thought. It made me open my eyes to more of what goes on in people's lives, and as you read on my status, Jenna completely made a really big impact on my life with just one little comment that I thought about on Friday and prayed about and my life just feels so much better after this weekend :)”

Click here to view more pictures from the trip!

A special Thank You goes out to the Revolve Tour chaperones who truly made the trip possible!