Relevant Worship Playing At Victory Highway Church

10.16.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Relevant Worship has been busy playing gigs at different church and ministry events in Western New York. You can see them next Saturday, October 24, in the Corning area at Victory Highway Church. They typically draw a young crowd, playing mostly mellow, organic-sounding Christian rock. The release of their second album, Anthem of the Redeemed, debuted in Buffalo last year and attributes to the band’s growing popularity.

Born and bred in Buffalo, NY, the band has a huge heart for their local city. Over the past few years, their passion grew to spread the Gospel in Buffalo through community prayer and social outreach. After Thursday in the Square, one of the city’s many outdoor summer gatherings, band members noticed kids wandering the streets looking for after parties. Relevant took these opportunities to start random conversations about God with complete strangers.  After a while, the group began handing out salvation bracelets made of beads carrying the Gospel message.  This led Relevant into leading prayer walks throughout the city, praying for hours with college kids, bar-hoppers, and homeless people.

Now that’s grassroots ministry. We need more young, bold Christians not afraid of approaching people in the middle of real life. No more hiding in churches. Relevant knows that grabbing the attention of newer generations means intersecting lives with genuine love and real concern. Family Life is proud to partner with these guys in reaching teens and young adults. Click here for more information on next Saturday’s concert at Victory Highway Church.