Reaching Out

12.22.10 | Darcie Schwarz

spirit-hope-christmas-slidehow - Spirit/Hope of Christmas...This Christmas, Family Life joined with over a dozen other churches in the Corning/Elmira area to bring salt and light to hundreds of people in need. It's a community outreach event rightly named the Hope of Christmas. Families from all over the city come for bags of free clothes, food, and a number of other free items, including Christmas presents for children and adults. The event is held outdoors, in center city, and reaches families and individuals with the spirit of giving, and the reason for Christmas.

Now in its 5th year, the Hope of Christmas is unlike any other event we support. It's grassroots Gospel, and the name of the Lord is everywhere. Jesus is preached and lifted high by different pastors and churches coming boldly to the stage, bringing Christ's salvation message to the crowds. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - the name invaded the streets. Five minutes didn't pass without the name of the Savior said at least once.

Our staff had a joyous time giving away sweet treats and many, MANY blessings. "God bless you's" and "Jesus loves you's" were a common piece of every interaction, every exchange. That was the best part. Letting the hope that lies within spill out and overflow into the hearts of those seeking love and light, whether they knew it or not.

Family Life held a drawing for four free Christmas dinner baskets. Four familes were blessed with a basket that held enough food to make a complete Christmas dinner. The winners were announced from the stage and came running to the Family Life tent with grateful, astonished faces. What a blessing to watch each winning family walk away with their arms full! We had so much fun, the staff here is already anticipating and planning next year's visit!  Thank you Lord, for the glory of giving and the great satisfaction it brings your people.