Online Housekeeping

05.17.10 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life recently restructured its Web site. You may have already noticed certain changes online. These changes were made to better organize the ministry according to its mission.

What do we mean exactly?

Notice the rectangular tabs on the homepage: Media, Creative Arts, and Resourcing. These new categorized services reflect the kind of ministry we do here. God has given us the assignment of impacting lives with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. We do this by encouraging, enriching, and equipping our world with the Gospel.

For instance, Family Life is largely a media group. FLN is a network of over 70 radio outlets carrying encouraging radio programming across NY and PA. On top of traditional broadcasting, Family Life has ventured into the world of "new media." Since launching a Web site with more media capabilities, social networks, podcasts, video, and still photography are being used like never before.

Last winter marked the launch of two new Internet radio stations, Thrive and Gentle Praise. The performing arts department also used multi-media to tell the story of Anne of Green Gables.  We called it Anne’s World – an interactive Web site built to enhance the story of the play. With God driving this new media surge, our online capacity for new media is growing. Click on the "Media" tab above to see what we mean.

Another way of reaching communities with the Gospel is through the creative arts. We love the stage and don’t want to replace it! Family Life brings notable Christian musicians, comedians, and actors to the areas we serve. We also write and create original work, including plays, musicals, and mime. Everything we do on stage, together with worship arts, is now found under the "Creative Arts" tab above.

"Resourcing" is our third category of ministry services. We want to better equip individuals and churches for victory. Walking with Christ is a rewarding journey, but it’s not easy. Bible study, fellowship, and discipleship are essential to Christian growth. We also have resourcing for equipping Christian leaders. Click on the "Resourcing tab" to discover what we offer.

All three service areas now exist on the homepage.  Happy browsing!