Need An Energy Boost This Winter

01.20.12 | Darcie Schwarz

mandisaMandisa empowers and encourages her fans with a genuine gospel message tied with a heaping dose of energy! If you want to experience Mandisa, along with Britt Nicole, and all of their stunning vocals on stage, come join us in February in Johnson City, Jamestown or Rochester for these concerts.

Mandisa's third album, What If We Were Real, is a carefree, upbeat collection of songs with big pop anthems and powerful ballads. Her powerful voice and sweet, encouraging spirit is at the front of everything she does. You will surely appreciate her lyrical messages of love, true beauty, and hope. Plus her lively, catchy pop sound resonates with most everyone.

Featuring the new single “Stronger”, What If We Were Real, is mostly centered on the danger of wearing “masks." When we say that life's okay and it's really not. Mandisa shares that her new record is about transparency, about “taking the masks off, and really letting the world see that Christians do go through tough times. The difference is that we have a Savior who is able to bring us joy and peace in the middle of difficulties.”

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