Music Submission Policies

01.17.10 | Cecil Van Houten

As we begin the new year, there are many individuals and groups who want to submit their music to Family Life Network for airplay consideration.  Last year we reviewed over 700 individual songs submitted by everyone from someone's cousin from Flagstaff to major label artists.  Obviously, we can't play them all. 

Every responsible artist or label, large or small, has to be a good steward of the resources they have available to them.  That's one of the reasons we established a Music Submission Policy, which is available on our website, as a means of helping them determine whether it would be worth the time, cost of material and postage to send their music to FLN for consideration.

You can find the policy at  It explains in detail the types of music we accept, the procedures to follow and the formats required.  If you would like to send your music to FLN, please read the policies; we welcome qualified submissions.