Laura Story

02.16.12 | Darcie Schwarz

laurastory2Artists who are true to their own lives and artistry can give worship music a powerful dimension. Laura Story does this by inviting listeners to live their own story through lyrics that resonate with a higher wisdom and love, because Laura has experienced God personally.

Her newest album, Blessings is a collection of praise songs about the Lord's great faithfulness through suffering, and as one reviewer put it, “is a worship album with a songwriters’ soul." Not to mention, it  recently won a 2012 Grammy Award for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Song!"

Laura's great success has much to do with the sincere life experience and personal suffering she poured into the new album. When Laura's husband, Martin, was hospitalized with a brain tumor in 2006, she handed her pain over to God, allowing Him to work on her heart and her perspective on the situation. The entire album is a testimony of her struggles and her faith in a great God.

“Life is filled with things you don’t expect, but the Bible tells us to respond by trusting God and continuing to worship him,” Story begins. “Martin hasn’t received complete healing—and that can be hard at times when we view God as all-powerful and all-loving. But here we are now saying, ‘Yes, this is how faith works.’ God has proven to be faithful. We have been truly blessed out of a circumstance that at first didn’t seem like much of a blessing at all. We have a voice that wasn’t there prior to this suffering. It’s been a chance to share the Gospel.”

Blessings is an invitation, an opportunity to step inside the unknown blessing of suffering until the hope of God can be seen and felt. It's this kind of hope that carries a believer in Christ victoriously through anything. Many incredible ministry moments are certainly on the horizon at these shows.

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