Honduran Military Boots President Manuel Zelaya From Office

06.29.09 | FL News Team

The Honduran military has ousted President Manuel Zelaya and has replaced him with congressional leader Roberto Micheletti. The move has caused reaction in several nations. In the U.S., President Obama issued a statement expressing "deep concern" about the coup. An administration official says the United States recognizes only the Zelaya government as being legitimate.


In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez put his forces on alert saying he'll respond militarily if his envoy to Venezuela is harmed. President Zelaya was arrested at his home by the military he'd reportedly angered by pushing for constitutional amendments that would have allowed himself to be re-elected. Zelaya was exiled to Costa Rica.


This unrest comes just two months after President Obama was being praised by Latin American leaders for promising to improve ties and break away from past U.S. policies in the region. Those relations had been muddied during the most recent Bush administration. There were rumors in Venezuela the U.S. was aware of a pending coup, but the Obama administration denies any hand in it. Zelaya has called for an investigation to determine whether Washington played any part in his ouster.