Government Kicks Off Census Road Tour Today

01.04.10 | FL News Team

A 340-million-dollar PR blitz begins today by the government to promote the 2010 Census. This morning in New York's Times Square the Census Portrait of America Road Tour will kick off. The purpose of the road tour is to inform Americans of the importance of the ten-question Census. A 46-foot trailer and 12 other smaller cargo vans will begin crisscrossing the U.S. today. More than a third of the money -- 140-million dollars -- will be spent on TV, radio and outdoor advertising. Of that, two-point-five million has been spent on two 30-second ads that will run during the Super Bowl on February 7th. About 80-million dollars will be spent on ads aimed at people who speak languages other than English. The first people counted will come from a remote Inuit village in Noorvik, Alaska. The Census is taken every ten years. The results help to determine seats in the House of Representatives, numerous political district boundaries and the allocation of 435-billion dollars in federal money that goes to local and state governments.