Comedy With Ken Davis

09.20.11 | Darcie Schwarz

KennyDWith funny and one-of-a-kind perspectives on Christian living, comedy entertainer, Ken Davis, is doing three shows with Family Life this October!

If you haven't experienced Ken on stage, his comedy acts are inspirational, unforgettable and safe for the whole family. Ken views every show as a chance to share important, life-giving messages all the while proving that Christian comedy is by no means an oxymoron!

We hope the name Ken Davis sounds familiar too, because if you're a Family Life listener, it should! We carry Ken's radio program “Lighten Up!” which is heard on hundreds of radio stations across the nation. He's also a frequent guest on “Focus on the Family" and teaches the importance of effective communications to ministry and corporate professionals around the world.

For show information click here or order tickets online