Ministry News


04.09.09 | Katie Bernier

Many of us face burn out. Why?

Family Life Presents the Talley Trio

04.07.09 | Debbie Fero

Family Life will present TheTalley Trio, a Southern Gospel favorite, on April 17 and April 18.

Transitioning to College

02.18.09 | Katie Bernier

Being prepared a head of time is essential!

Goodbye Steve Rau

02.18.09 | Katie Bernier

Steve Rau is leaving YA after 8 1/2 years with Family Life

Why Performing Arts?

12.15.08 |

Is there any question that we serve a dramatic God?

Gifts of the Magi - REVIEW

12.12.08 |

Family Life's Performing Arts dinner theaters hit the road...