Ministry News

Honduran Military Boots President Manuel Zelaya From Office

06.29.09 | FL News Team

The Honduran military has ousted President Manuel Zelaya and has replaced him with congressional leader Roberto Micheletti..

Youth Action Welcomes New Staff Member

06.26.09 | Katie Bernier

Youth Action is excited about George Sweatt coming in board

FL Website Ranks 2nd For Great Design

06.02.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life's new Web site is honored by Vandelay Design.

Math in My Pajamas

05.28.09 | Lydia Sweatt

With Family Life's Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale about to take place, Lydia shares a fresh perspective on her own Homeschooling experience.

Get Ready Golfers

05.22.09 | Darcie Schwarz

It's time to get your head in the game.

City Reachers

05.07.09 | Emily Oliver

Family Life was privileged to be a part of the City Reachers Conference in Syracuse.

Bible Quizzing Championship

04.28.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Garth Murray of Cohocton Finishes in Top Ten

Singles Event Calendar

04.23.09 |

SALSA now provides a Singles Event Calendar dedicated solely to Singles Events.

Beauty & The Beast

04.21.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life Youtheater presents a Disney Classic

Wheels for the World

04.21.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Family Life partners with Joni and Friends on wheel chair drive.